LifestylesBlog is a blog about ideas and opportunities in life – specifically in business, teaching, music, health and wellness – that could benefit our lifestyle. These opportunities may come from online and offline sources which can be done in any part of the world. It also emphasizes the whereabouts and how to’s of these circumstances so that anyone interested can be guided of what to do.

The word ‘lifestyles’ in LifestylesBlog refers to how the author/owner of this blog lives his life everyday and how he find success in life by doing the many things he discovered as a teacher, a musician, a photographer, a businessman, and a blogger.

Also included in this blog are some reviews and experiences of the author on games and apps that he is currently playing on.

About the Author

IMG_3028[1]Hi! My name is Danbert. I am a teacher, a music lover, a photography enthusiast, a blogger, and an entrepreneur.

I am a teacher/designated librarian at Calabanga National High School – one of the top public schools in Camarines Sur, Philippines.

I teach basic English to grade 7 and grade 9 students. As a teacher, I see to it that my students get the sufficient knowledge they must have and to learn how to apply them in real life circumstances.

I am an English teacher and my day-to-day partner is the grammar book yet I like my guitar more than anything else.


I love music. I am more of becoming a real person if there is music around me. In fact, I am the drummer in a band called Chillicon.

Yes, that’s right! I play the drums in our band. Aside from the guitar, I got familiar with drums when I was in high school and acquired enough knowledge to play it in a band when I was in college at Ateneo De Naga University.

By the way, the band Chillicon is composed of my cousins, my brother and myself. We play the alternative/rock kind of music.


Aside from music, I am also interested with photography. I got a Canon EOS 550D which I use in documenting a lot of things happening around me, especially those events and updates in our school.

And together with my dslr camera, I also have my iPhone5 and use it frequently in mobile photography.

I love taking pictures of anything which seems to be appealing to the eyes of the viewers, most of the time the sunset.

And because I always love to earn extra bucks, I discovered stock photography, eventually involved my photos in it, and started earning dollars from my creations.

You can check out my photos in Foap and Twenty20, two of the leading photography marketplace in the web.

I mentioned about earning extra bucks because I believe that business is also one of IMG_5731[1]my passions, whether it’s online or offline.

I got a bunch of strategies on how to make some money online, like for example dealing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, selling some herbal products online, selling products of other sellers, being a reviewer of calls in Humanatic, becoming a blogger, and other things…

Offline, aside from selling some herbal products, I together with my two friends created our own food cart business, selling one of the most delicious menus here in our country – sisig. We called our business: Emperor Sisig.

Online or offline business, these actually have helped me not just in my financial status but also with my personality. They have boosted my confidence and motivated me to strive more for the best.