My Yoonla Review – Is Yoonla Legit or Just Another Scam?

What is Yoonla

Yoonla is a CPA affiliate program created by the internet entrepreneur Reno Van Boven from New Zealand.

This is Reno Van Boven - the Founder of Yoonla
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It offers a great opportunity to anyone from any part of the world to earn cash online or even to make a living from the very comfort of his/her home. It also promises a digital lifestyle to anyone who will do its business. With a laptop or just a smartphone, these can all be possible.

But how does one really make money with Yoonla? How does it work?

As an Affiliate Program

As mentioned, Yoonla is a CPA affiliate program. And so, there are two sources of income for this system.
Being an affiliate of Yoonla, you can earn $15 every time your referral upgrades to VIP member. Additionally, when the referral of your direct referral upgrades to VIP as well, you earn $10.

However, it is not the only source where you can make cash with this system. There is another feature in this program that can give you even more commissions. And this is the CPA program it offers.

As a CPA Program

Now let’s dig into Yoonla’s CPA program and how it works. CPA stands for ‘cost per action’ or sometimes ‘cost per acquisition.’ A cost per action program, as we all know, can give you earnings in exchange for a specific action required by the system. With this program, the action needed for you to earn is to let someone signup thru your link using a valid email.

This is the cool thing about this affiliate program, aside from earning thru VIP referrals commissions, as an affiliate, you can also make money from free signups.

These are CPA commissions together with some VIP referral commissions

Once you become Yoonla’s affiliate, you will have your own affiliate account and affiliate link. Share this link to anyone. And when someone signs up thru your link with a valid email, even if that someone just opted in as a free member, you still get a CPA commission. You earn $4 when the signup comes from tier 1 countries, such as the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.

On the other hand, you earn $2 when the free signup comes from the rest of the world, except for non-commissionable countries (India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Niger, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Vietnam).

However, if you come from any of these non-commissionable nations, don’t feel bad because you can still do this online business. You may not earn from the free signups coming from your country but you can still earn commissions from the free signups coming from the rest of the world. In addition, you can still get commissions when your referrals upgrade to VIP, even if they come from the non-commissionable countries.

Proof of Payout

For every program and earning opportunity online, proof of payout is also one of the most important factors in enticing new members. If you are looking for Yoonla’s proof of payout, you are in the right place.

I can actually show you a lot of payouts from my co-affiliates screenshots, but I prefer to show mine, since I got my first payout last September 2017 (By the way, payouts with Yoonla are released between 22nd – 28th of every month.)

You can check out the screenshot of my proof of payout here:

Or view this video for a detailed proof of my first payout with Yoonla:


Yes I already got my first payout with Yoonla, and looking forward to receiving my payouts in the future, but there are things I quite don’t like with this platform.

1. The Yoonla system may be too technical to most beginners. As a prerequisite, an interested individual should at least know what a website is and how to have one, as well as what an autoresponder is.

2. Yoonla has a support team and a system on how to contact them. But their response rate to tickets is quite slow. It takes about three days before inquiries are being answered.

3. Yoonla is so strict that they ban accounts without even giving a warning to the concerned member. I personally experienced it with one of my referrals who violated one of Yoonla’s terms. She was told about her violation after her account was terminated.

4. They always send payouts to all concerned members. But there are times when releasing these payouts are delayed.

5. A maintenance or system upgrade took more than a week.


It’s true that there is no perfect company. There will always be flaws and challenges within its operation. That’s why it’s always better to focus on its strengths rather than its weaknesses. Here are the things I really like about Yoonla.

1. It is a worldwide opportunity.

2. Anyone with laptop or smartphone connected to the internet can do Yoonla.

3. Yoonla gives a broad earning opportunity to everyone.

4. Reno Van Boven, Yoonla’s founder, gets in touch to the members through the Yoonla VIP Community in Facebook.

5. They seem to be transparent to anything that is happening to the system, updating its members through the affiliate dashboard, the Facebook community, and through email.

6. Yoonla pays!

The Verdict

With all the observations I did and with the payout I received from the company, I can confidently say that Yoonla is not a scam. It is 100% legit. There’s no question about it. There’s actually one instance when I was able to chat with Reno and I felt how he is so sincere with this business, making me more believe that this program really works.

That’s why I am actually recommending Yoonla to everyone. And if for any instance you are really interested to start your Yoonla journey, just continue on reading this post.

How to start with Yoonla

Now here is a step-by-step guide on how you can start with Yoonla.

1. First, go to this link: and sign up for free. What you need to do is simply enter your name and a valid email address on the spaces provided.

2. Wait for the confirmation email. Usually, it takes about a minute or two before you can receive the email. There are also times when you won’t receive the confirmation email. This happens when the email address you used for signing up has been used before with the same purpose of signing up with Yoonla. It could also be that you already made an account with Yoonla in the same IP address. As of today, this program does not allow any duplicate accounts in the same IP address. This is mainly the reason why some signups status show ‘Duplicate’ and will not be included in your commissions.

3. Once you receive the email, simply open and read its content. And click on the ‘Activate’ link. You will then come up to the page where you will be making your login details with

4. Once done, login to

Yoonla CPA Foundation Program - Free Members Area

5. Watch the introduction and step 1 video. Understand what this business is all about.

6. Afterwhich, skip on the steps 2-4 videos and click on the blue banner that says: “Claim Custom Setup.” You will then be brought to a page with another tutorial video with 3 steps below it on how you can become a VIP member and eventually Yoonla’s affiliate. For some reason, a free member cannot make money with this program. Thus, an account upgrade is really necessary.

7. After clicking on the blue banner, watch the tutorial video on how to claim your custom setup and simply follow these three steps:

A. Getting a domain and web hosting

B. Signing up to an autoresponder

C. Submitting your setup details.

To make things clear, Yoonla is not a free program. You do need to invest for a domain and web hosting, and an autoresponder. The domain will be taken cared by Yahoo Business while the autoresponder will be under Getresponse.

Therefore, you will not send the payment to Yoonla to become its VIP member. Instead, you will send the payment to the third-party companies: Yahoo and Getresponse. When you do so, it’s the time when Yoonla makes money. They earn commissions in their Yahoo Business and Getresponse account from their VIP referrals.

8. After following those 3 steps, the system will bring you to a page with the last task: to upload Yoonla’s marketing eBooks into your website. There will be a tutorial video on this page. You simply need to follow the video and you are good to go.

The Yoonla Products
Yoonla eBooks which you can use to capture leads.

9. Wait for the confirmation email saying that you are now able to create your login details to the Yoonla affiliate dashboard. It usually takes 2-3 days before your autoresponder will be integrated to your website and before everrything will be setup for you. You need patience here.

10. Once you got your login details, you can now login to the affiliate dashboard, get your affiliate link, and share it to everyone. But before doing so, make sure to read the affiliate terms which can be found on the left part of your dashboard or understand its full Terms and Conditions.

11. Alternatively, you can contact me through this blog if you want guidance in the setup process. But if you want a faster response, you can reach me via, and together let’s create a digital lifestyle with this amazing CPA Affiliate program.


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