Successhare Review – Legit or Scam


Looking for an honest review about this new site – Successhare? Fasten your seat belt, you’re in the right place. Find out if it’s legit or just another scam which will waste your time and destroy your reputation.

Just recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts (even comments in a post) sharing their referral link for this site called Successhare. One of my posts in a Facebook group was actually bombarded with these referral links which made me furious. So I decided to make some research about this new site that these people are going crazy about.

Some Facts About Successhare

The usual site where I go to in checking the reputation of another website is I checked on this site and found the following information:


As I was making this post, it seems that it is just the 9th day of Successhare online. It is really, no doubt, that this is a new website. And of course we both know what that means. A new website has no reputation yet and is always near to the possibility of being another scam on the internet. But let’s see…

How Does Successhare Work?

Upon going to Successhare, you will come up to their homepage with this quote: “The fast way to make money online, no experience needed,” making it more enticing to anyone who visits the site. Imagine, you will have an access to the method that can make money fast which does not require any experience. Sounds good, right?

I could say that, because I was one of those who were caught by this line. I actually signed up to Successshare. I was too curious on how this program really works. And I want to find out if this is really legit or just another scam. So how does one earn with Successhare?

This is how the dashboard of Successhare looks:

As you can see, for you to earn with this program (as what Successshare promises) you need someone to click on your link. When someone clicks and visits your link, you earn $1. And if that someone is coming from the United States, you get $1.50. Sounds really interesting, isn’t it?

By the way, the image above is a screen shot of my Successhare account. I did not yet promote my link to anyone, but I got $6 already in my account – lol. What I did was to shorten my referral link after signing up, then when I checked my account, $4 was already there. The other $2 came from my own clicks – another lol – making it questionable on how they track valid clicks and visits on their website.

In addition, they have another tab which says – “Make More Money.” But looking at this page, you will just come up to 3 Clickbank products, which they are obviously promoting. Once you get into any of these products, especially making a purchase, Successhare literally makes more money through commissions (now I know why this tab was titled like that).

“Referrals” tab is also present; so it means, Successhare also offers a referral program. This is great because any money earning site with a referral program generates more income which means you also have the chance of making a lot of money with it. However, when you click on this “Referrals” tab, you will just be seeing the following note:

They just did not indicate on this page how referral program works. Of course a click or a visit is different from a successful sign up. It was not even mentioned in their FAQ’s page, which makes the referral program somewhat unclear for me.

But let’s not dive in to conclusions yet. Now, given that you are making money with Successhare, how can you possibly withdraw your money? According to their FAQ’s section, you will be able to withdraw your money instantly when it reaches the threshold, which is $100. You can make a payment request which can be sent to any of the following: PayPal, Payoneer, Bank wire, Payza, or  Western Union. However, also according to them, you need to wait for about 5 business days before this payment is released – making me ask the question: “why do I need to wait for 5 days when they said that it is instant?”

What other people are saying about Successhare

My research continues in looking for the opinions of other people regarding Successhare. I have found out mix reactions for this site. Some are really captured by the earning opportunity it offers, posting to social media and promoting their referral links. They seem to believe that Successhare is going to pay them when they reach the $100 threshold. They even united themselves and asked for each others clicks.

But there are some who really don’t believe in this system. They are those people who are skeptical or just to intelligent to fall for this kind of scheme online.

There are also some who really tried out the program and even invested to some pay per click sites but reacted this way:

The Verdict

Given all those facts and observations that I researched on regarding Successhare; it’s a new site that has launched last week of August 2017, it offers an opportunity (earn $1 or $1.50 for every unique click on your referral link) which seems to be too good to be true, its support is not responding (I actually contacted the site’s support few days after I signed up, but no one answered), and so on, I would say that Successshare is neither legit nor scam, but I mark it as NOT RECOMMENDED program online. So if you will continue to work with Successhare, do it at your own risk.

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What I Recommend

There could be a lot of money making sites online, but I am recommending this one for the following reasons:

  • Allows you to create your own Digital Lifestyle

  • Earn $2 – $4 for each who signs up in your link as a free member
  • Earn $15 or $10 for each referral who upgrades to VIP
  • Get your own website and autoresponder as well as ebooks and guide for online marketing
  • Become a VIP member of a prestigious community of online entrepreneurs.
  • With trusted support team and a caring founder
  • Legit and paying for years now.

Get yourself started by going to this link:

Then you can contact me anytime through this blog if you have any questions. See you around!


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