How to Get Free Internet Connection in Your Android Phone

Is it really possible to use the internet for free, without spending even a single penny? How do you get free internet connection? Is it really possible?

This could be the most common questions that many are asking, especially those who can’t afford to have a monthly subscription to any internet service provider available in the country or to those who just want to get free usage of the internet any time and anywhere.

But before I answer those questions, let me tell you a short story how I come up to this post.

It was December of 2016 when a strong typhoon hit our place. It was devastating. The aftermath was insane. Buildings were destroyed and some people’s life were taken by the calamity. There was no electricity for a number of months. And of course, same fate goes with the internet connection.

I tried to contact our intetnet service provider several times but it took almost two months before they decided to visit our place and make the necessary repair in our connection. Unfortunately, upon checking our line, the technicians told me that in our location, no more signal is received from the main station, which is kinda weird because my friend still got their broadband connection running smoothly.

To cut it short, our internet connection was not repaired and I really became disappointed with our internet service provider.

I took action immediately and planned to get a new internet connection from other providers. But before doing so, in my workplace, I searched online for ways on how one can connect to the internet for free using an android phone. And luckily, I got one. Actually there could be a number of ways how an individual can do it, but I will share to you the one I know which has 99.9% internet connectivity. 

The following is the step-by-step process on how you can get a free internect connection in your android phone.

1. First, you need to have the following: an android phone, a globe sim (with zero balance, and a location with good 3G signal.

2. Change some network settings in your android phone. Go to: Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names and click on the ‘Add’ button to create a new access point. Except for ‘Name’ and APN, leave all the fields as it is. Name the access point anything you want – say ‘My APN’. Then change the APN field to nothing more, nothing less. Then click ‘Save.’

3. Choose the new APN that you have just made. This will be the APN you will use for your mobile data. 

2. Look for the app HotVPN from Playstore and download it. After the app installation, let it settings be at its default. You also need NOT to have a premium or VIP account. Remember, we are aiming for a free internet connection. 

3. Open your mobile data. Make sure that in your phone, you got either of the following symbols: H+, 3g, 4g, LTE. 

4. Open the HotVPN app. From the available servers dropdown list, choose Singapore 1 (I use this server more often than the others but you can also try a different one). After choosing a server, it will automatically initiate the connection. 

5. If the connection was successful, open any website in your internet browser. If the website opened, then you are now online. On the other hand, if the VPN connection was not successful, just make some retries until it connects. Same with opening a website, retry until the website opens. 

By the way, this free internet connection is good for browsing different websites, using social networking sites like Facebook, watching videos in Youtube, etc. It is not however advisable for online gaming as the connection’s ping is really unstable. 

This is just one of those tricky ways on how to acquire a free internet connection. I know there are a lot more out there. If I discovered another one, I will update this post so you can benefit also. As the saying goes: “Share your blessings.”

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purpose only. The author does not own this strategy nor the app used in this technique. The usage of this strategy does not always guarantee that anyone will be able to access to the internet as the connection matters with a lot of factors. 


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