How To Make Money Online With Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and other Social Networking Sites

Have you ever thought of making money online for free using some of the most popular social networking sites today? Well, I have been researching about that for years now, and I discovered one which is really attainable even by a single mom who prefers to stay and work at home. But before that…

…take a look at some of these Facebook facts?

Facebook had around 1 million members by the end of its first year (2004), and now (2014) lays claim to some 1.23 billion monthly users – 945 million of which access the site on mobile devices.

The total number of Facebook users as of third quarter of 2016 is 1.79 billion.

Facebook was indeed successful in invading the globe. In fact, I will let my point finger cut if you tell me that you don’t have a Facebook account. Even a new born baby or a 60 year old lady has her own account and actively updating it (in the case of the baby having a Facebook account, of course it’s managed by the parents). So, can you imagine how much is earned daily by its CEO Mark Zuckerberg?

Profit for the full year 2013 jumped to $US1.5 billion from just $US53 million in 2012. Revenues, mostly from online advertising, increased to $US7.87 billion from $US5.1 billion.

The total revenue of Facebook for 2015 was $17.9 billion having $3.6 billion as its net income. -

Having a realization…

That’s the summary of income Facebook gets in a year. So most probably, Mark with his company is earning approximately 4 million dollars everyday (holy cow! it’s even too much to raise an average family of 12), while we are busy on sending friend requests, updating our status, posting comments, etc. And of course, we do not get even a single penny doing those. Well, it may give us a number of benefits, like we get to know new friends, we have a great medium of communication with our loved ones, we get to experience the comfort that Facebook is providing us, etc.

But have you ever wondered about making money with Facebook when you simply post something new and when somebody views it? Maybe not. Maybe you’ll ask: “Is it even possible?”

Well, I understand what you’re saying. So let me introduce to you 8share – the program that will make it possible.

8share2What is 8share?

 8share is a private rewards club (based in Malaysia) that gives opportunity to everyone in making some extra income while using Facebook or Twitter (in mobile phones and computers), Google+ or Linkedin (in computers).
Is it really possible to make money with 8share?

Yes it is! Unfortunately, at this moment, 8share is only available in the following countries: Malaysia, India, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.

How to make money with 8share?

 The idea of 8share in making money online is found in its name itself. You get paid when you share a special (basically any new thing) and when somebody views on that post.
Steps in earning cash online with 8share

The steps you need to follow with this program that will let you earn some extra money online, are as easy as 1-2-3.

1. CLICK HERE and create an account first. (Making an 8share account is free. You will not spend a single cent from your pocket in doing this great opportunity. And so if you are looking for ways in making money online without spending any amount of money, then this is one of those.)

2. If you are using your laptop or desktop, go to and login to your account. If you are then using a mobile phone, download the free 8share app here: IOS, Android and login to your account.

3. Go to the SPECIALS page and then choose any available one of your interest. New Specials are added almost everyday.

4. Share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin. You can customize your message or the post itself to get more clicks and views, and eventually more earnings.

5. Invite your friends to join 8share as well for you to get a referral bonus and for more earnings. Copy your unique referral link from your profile and share it to anyone you would like to join you in this program.

6. Check your latest statistics and earnings for every Specials you shared from the DASHBOARD page. You can even re-share them to earn more.

7. And finally, check your total earnings and progress to cash out. Once you’ve reached the required amount, you can make a cash out directly into your local bank.

Still unconvinced? Here are testimonials of other 8share’s members:

8share3 8share4 8share5 8share6


The world wide web can now be compared to the whole universe. It’s too vast that you needed a spaceship in order for you to find a new living planet like earth, which can be compared to the legit money making strategies and programs online. There are a lot of them, but only few are legit and really working. So now, if there are people who are passively earning an income (it could even be a living) online, then why can’t you? Just open you eyes and seek for those ways on the internet. Here’s one for you: 8share. The other ways in making money online… Search for them by riding your own spaceship. You don’t have a ship? I can lend you mine.

Earning Disclaimer

This program is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Earnings will depend on how you’ve followed the instructions stated above and how you’ve utilized them. There is also no guarantee that you will make money with this program, unless you will work for it.


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