How to Join and Start My1dollarbusiness

My1dollarbusiness which started November of 2016 is now building its name in the online marketing world. And if you are wondering how you can join with this very affordable but luxurious online business, you’ve come to the right place.

By the way, take a look at first the benefits you’ll get when you join My1dollarbusiness. Click Here.

But before going through the steps, you must first have the following qualifications:
First off, because this is 99% online (the 1% – you can spend it spreading this opportunity through word of mouth), you need to have any of the following: laptop/desktop, tablet, or smart phone. Any of those device will be your door to your back office. And the key would be the world wide web. So you must also have a stable internet connection for you to access the member’s area of My1dollarbusiness.

Then because this is a legal business, you should be at the legal age. You must be 18 years old and above. If you are just 17 then you can wait for a year. (I tell you, this is worth waiting.)

You also need to secure a credit/debit card that can transact online. You’ll need it for the payment of the $1 membership fee. My1dollarbusiness is one of those companies that has a clear vision. The company wants a long term relationship with its members. That’s why they prioritize security allowing only credit/debit card as a mode of payment for the membership fee.

Finally, you got to have a Paypal account because this is where your commissions are going to pour in. If you don’t have one, then go to and create your own personal account. Don’t worry, it’s free.

If you have those requirements, then you are qualified to become a marketing representative of My1dollarbusiness.
Here are the simple steps on how you can join and start your own My1dollarbusiness:

Step 1

Go to this link: and just click on “CONTINUE.”

You need to have a sponsor for you to be positioned in the organization. )By clicking the link above and creating your My1dollarbusiness account, you will be included in my team – a team helping each other to achieve one goal, which is “to earn more by helping others to earn.”)

Step 2

After clicking on the “CONTINUE” button, you will then enter the site where you can enroll your account. Just click on PRE-ENROLL or scroll the page up to the bottom where you will see a signup form. Fill it out with your details.

Step 3

Wait for the welcome email. It can take up to 24 hours for you to receive it. It contains your login details and some other information which is very important in starting your My1dollarbusiness.

Step 4

To ensure that you will be receiving emails directly into your inbox, whitelist this email: Or to make it simpler, add it to your contact list.

Step 5

Once you received the email with your login details, you can now enter into the member’s area: and update your profile.

Step 6

This is now the time when you will be needing your credit/debit card. After updating your profile, link the card to your account and make the payment of $1. You will then receive a receipt in your email confirming the payment you made. Your $1 will be turned into a global business where you have the opportunity to earn a thousand times more than that amount.

Step 7

Connect to your sponsor. This is important because your sponsor can be a very big help to you in building your own team. Your sponsor can be your mentor in this business and you can copy what he is doing to achieve success in My1dollarbusiness. (If you have signed up using my link above, you can contact me through this blog’s contact page, so I can include you to my Facebook group and together we’ll build an amazing team of online entrepreneurs.)

Step 8

This could be the most important step after signing up and joining My1dollarbusiness. Explore the website and its member’s area. Study the business that My1dollarbusiness is offering you. Have time to read on the frequently asked questions. Know the benefits of being a member. And most of all, be knowledgeable of its compensation plan or the details on how you can really earn with this online opportunity. Doing all of those will make you a master in entertaining the queries of your invites in the future. After all, this is your own business, not mine or not with any other.

Step 9

(Note: Do not proceed to this step if you are not yet done with step 7 and 8)

After connecting with your sponsor and educating yourself about this business, you are now ready to share this online opportunity to the world. Login to your account and copy your referral link from the dashboard page of the member’s area. Send it to the people you want to work with in this business. (When you join my team, you get tips on how you can invite more people and how you can build your own team.)

So that’s how you do it. Those are the simple steps on how you can join and start your own My1dollarbusiness.

As of 11-15-2016, My1dollarbusiness is still on pre-launch, but it has already more than 10,000 members. Joining today would be a very wise decision because you can be one of the pioneer members of this company. And as an advantage, you can be on the top position where you got higher chance of earning more. (See you at the top!)


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