Why Pokeland Legends is Better than Pokemon Go

I have played a lot of Pokemon games before from Pokemon Red to Pokemon X and Y, including the popular and considered as the best – Pokemon Go. But let me tell you something. I’ve found a game which is (for me) better than the latter. It’s called Pokeland Legends.


First of all, you will not anymore deal with this message: “GPS not found” because Pokeland Legends does not require GPS to run the application. The environment of the game is a digital world divided into different servers (has more than 160 servers) – similar to other traditional massive multiplayer online games. Unlike Pokemon Go, your character in Pokeland Legends can go anywhere in the map without you going outside of your house.

Interaction with other players

Pokeland Legends got a bunch of features where you can interact with other players online – making the game more challenging and interesting. Some of these features becomes available once you reach a particular level.

Add Friend. You can play this game together with your friends or even with other players coming from other countries. You can level up together as you share vitality points with your friends and improve your pokemons through lair hunting. You can also have a pokemon battle with them, comparing which pokemons are better. Though trading with them are not yet available at this moment, but in the near future, these feature is already expected within the game. Meanwhile, you can make your friends your inspiration, a challenge, an advisor, etc., for you are able to see their developments and you can chat with them privately in the game.

Head-on Battle. This is one of the most exciting features of the game. In head-on battle, you are given 5 chances daily to battle with other players around the world through a ranked match for rewards and prizes. In this feature, you can climb your way up to the top of the rankings so you can get the best incentives in the game.

Fated Enemy. For the duration of 30 days, you are given a random player as your fated enemy whom you can challenge everyday. Challenging that opponent everyday gives you experience and rewards. And of course, you will be pushed to aim higher because this fated enemy doesn’t want to get may losses against you.

Monster Riot. Every 21:00 (Philippine Time), this feature is opened to all the players. For the duration of 15 minutes; strong, rare, and legendary pokemons appear in a specific map where players can fight together for rankings. The better your rank, the greater rewards you can get. And whoever makes the last hit to any of those pokemons will be given even greater rewards.

World boss. This feature is opened every 20:00 (Philippines time). During this hour, the world boss appears in a specific map where players can go and fight for gold. This feature’s prizes also depend on rankings. The higher your rank, the better rewards will be given to you. The ranking is based on the damage you can inflict with the world boss during the duration of its appearance. This monster has over a million hitpoints as well as damage. Once in your encounter with the world boss, it will unleash its more than a million attack which will cause your pokemons to faint. But worry not, because you can keep on fighting this monster as long as it’s alive. The player who can make the last hit with the boss will be given the highest prize.

Guild. Together with your friends and other players of the game from any part of the world, you can make your own guild for 500 diamonds and fight for gold and glory during the guild wars which happen every Saturday at 19:00 (Philippine time).

There’s an adventure mode.

Like a normal role-playing game, Pokeland Legends has also an adventure mode. This feature comprises the missions in each of the stages in the adventure part of the game. Although this adventure/story mode cannot be compared to the Nintendo pokemon games, still this feature removes the feeling of boredom in the game because as you go through each stage, it gets harder and harder. This can be challenging in your part which is a good indication that the game is really a good one. Moreover, this feature can help you improve your pokemons as it gives experience and rewards to your pokemons.

Has the recent generation common, rare, and legendary pokemons

Unlike Pokemon Go which at this moment features only the generation 1 pokemons, Pokeland Legends has the recent generation pokemons including the legendaries. And just so you know, you can have any of these pokemons in as your game prospers. There is even one legendary pokemon you can acquire by simply logging in to your account for 7 days. This feature really kills a player’s eagerness to have a legendary pokemon in his/her team.

Many ways to strengthen pokemon

In Pokemon Go, the only way you can improve your pokemon is through stardust and evolution. But in Pokeland Legends, there are many ways: Battling and leveling up, Friendship, Active and Passive Skills, Attributes, Carried items and Accesories, Mount, Medals, Fusion/Training, and Evolution. That’s why your pokemons’ power can be limitless making the game more interesting and challenging.

Leveling up is faster

Your character as well as your pokemons can level up fast in this game because of the repetition feature in its adventure mode. You can play on a stage several times (except for the elite stages) so your pokemons, especially the weak ones can benefit to higher experience many times.

Attribute random change

Remember the term IV (individual values) in the real pokemon game series? Here in Pokeland Legends it is called attributes. Same with IV, attributes is also represented by these six: hitpoints, attack, sp attack, defense, sp defense, and speed. These values are supposed to be constant but in this game, using an item called attribute stone, you can change any of these values easily. However, don’t be excited that much. The attribute change is random. You cannot set it to the numbers you wanted. This feature of the game comes with luck. The time when you want to use your attribute stones, hope and pray that you will get a breakthrough in any of those values.

Passive skill random change

Each pokemon has a set of passive skills. When you got a pokemon for the first time, it has already a default passive skill. The good thing about this game, you can change that passive skill using the attribute card. However, similar with the use of attribute stone, the change is random. This needs luck once again.

Pet system

Another cool feature of this game is the pet system. Once you’ve reached a specific level in the game, you will be allowed to have a pet which is considered as a mount in the game where you can ride on while exploring and having adventures. This pet, when used, also boosts the combat power of your team. And so, it’s 2-in-1, where you are given a chance to own a pet for free, and at the same time, you can make your pokemons more powerful against other players.

A GAME worth trying…

Pokeland Legends is actually a remake of the Pokemon game series, but it’s existence could be questionable because there might be a chance that the Pokemon Company doesn’t know this game is in the market. It could get removed from the app stores for some reasons. However, for me, it is still far way better than Pokemon Go. Pokeland Legends can become the best mmorpg for Pokemon enthusiasts this year.

Try it for yourself: iOs, Android.


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