Pokeland Legends for Android?

This is a mirror post of my previous post regarding Pokeland Legends for iOs users. This time, tackled here is for Android users. Pokeland Legends has an Android version which was originally named Game of Monster – different from its iOs title. But in the mid of October 2016, its name was eventually changed to Epic Pet (Demon)

There is no clear reason why its name was changed. No one even knows why its app name in iOs is different from Android.

On the other hand, Pokeland Legends, which is another great Pokemon game, is building its name in the app market right now. It was early September of 2016 when it was created. Developed by a guy (or maybe a group) named suiwen zhang (in Android, as of 10/18/2016, this email: JKgame002@gmail.com claims to be its developer), Pokeland Legends was made available to iOs and Android users upon its launched.

Many Pokemon enthusiast, especially Pokemon Go gamers, downloaded and started playing Pokeland Legends. And surprisingly, the new game was liked by many. The wonder of this game, which can be better to Pokemon Go, was spread all over the world wide web that more and more was able to download and play the game.

However, before the end of its first month in the market, issues came out eventually. One of which is the crashing issue. The reason why the developer made an update about two weeks after its launch is because many of the players worldwide were complaining about the application crashing at the middle of the game.

Other than that, there are rumors that this game is also having some copyright issues against Game Freak – the Japanese game development company responsible for creating the Pokemon game series in Nintendo. Pokeland Legends is not showing Game Freak’s logo in any part of its game as well as its website.

That is why, in the middle part of October 2016, the Pokeland Legends, also known as Game of Monster in Android was nowhere to find in the Google Play, which made the Android users curious and impatient.

Many people uninstalled this application from their smartphones after these issues.

Nonetheless, Pokeland Legends is truly an amazing Pokemon game. That’s why the developer of the game made an update last October 8, 2016, which contains many new features like battles with your friends and having weaker pokemons in the lower stages of the adventure mode.

Game of Monster became present again in Google Play until its name was changed into Epic Pet (Demon). According to the developer, it is an unreleased version of the app, so it could still be unstable.

Many are hoping that the developer of this game was able to get permission or license from Game Freak so the game can continue running and it can avoid this particular issue.

The developer of this game, together with its team made a lot effort to resurrect Pokeland Legends  and to make it in the Google Play right now . And so, Pokeland Legends was made available to App store once again.

How to download Pokeland Legends in your Android device?

  1. First, you need to make sure that you got at least 300mb space in your device.
  2. Then download the game HERE or get its APK if you want to.
  3. Enjoy! 🙂


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