Pokeland Legends – Better Than Pokémon Go

Did you get bored with Pokemon Go already that you are not playing this game anymore? Did you also have the following reasons: (too busy to get out and hunt for pokemons, your smartphone’s GPS is broken, your account is banned by Niantic, etc.) for abandoning the game? Did you get frustrated because you cannot make (even) your Pidgey evolve? DId you ever try to look for any alternatives out there which can be better that Pokemon Go?

Well, guess what… It’s your lucky day today!


Introducing Pokeland Legends. This is how the game is describe in the App store:

Welcome to the mysterious Pokeland! This magic land is under the shadow of a horrible conspiracy now. Can you be the warrior to defeat dark forces and rescue adorable monsters? Time to assemble your team and call your friends. There are over 1,000 monsters included in Pokeland Legends, and the classic plot will surely recall your memory. Download and Play it FREE!

– Brand-new CAG game, gives you a different experience;
– Vivid 3D images;
– 1,000+ monsters. Build your unique team;
– Daily missions, monster myst, safari, world BOSS… Huge variety of gameplay;
– Various skill combo and evolution;
– Raise team power through gears, badges and titles;
– Prove yourself at various PVP stages;
– Strategy: attribute restraining, defeat enemies with the best lineup!
– Join with millions of other players. Build the strongest guild!

Pokeland Legends is developed, according to iTunes, by Suiwen Zhang. I’m not really sure who he is. I tried searching for him but found nothing. I’m not even sure if he’s a he or a she, but I think he’s a Chinese who has the guts. Why do I say so? If you download and play the game, you will understand what I am saying.


This game is almost similar to other Pokemon games, especially when it comes to the monsters in the game called Pokemon. The names and the appearance are exactly the same even its moves. And I don’t know if Game Freak knows about this.

On the other hand, Pokeland Legends can be one of the outstanding Pokemon games like Pokemon Go. Remember Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon White, and the other Pokemon version? Transform them into 3D animation and make them a massive multiplayer online role playing game – that’s what Pokeland Legends is.

This app is available in iOs. With Android devices, you can download the game here.

After playing the game, you can comment below if you agree that this game can be a better alternative to the popular Pokemon Go.

Enjoy the game!


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