My First Win in Foap Photo Contest – How I Did It and How You Can Too

At first, I was wondering why a lot of notifications was bombarding my iPhone saying “Your photo has been rated”. I just thought that one of my photos caught the attention of other members in the Foap community, that many of them have given it a good rating. And so, I just ignored those notifications.

However, as time passes by, and because I was already getting irritated, I then decided to open the Foap app in my phone (normally, I open this app seldom). At the back of my mind, I was thinking that there could be a possibility that one of my photos was bought, that’s why many members have noticed it and gave it a rating.

Well, I guess I was good at predicting things. When I opened Foap, I saw that one of my photos won a specific contest which I joined a week ago before seeing those overflowing notifications.

This photo was selected as one of the 20 winners out of 40,000 photos which came from different people from all over the world.

I had hopes for this photo but I did not expect that it would win the contest. I actually expected the other photo I uploaded to bring me the bacon, but it went on the other way.

What’s more funny, is that the cat on the picture is not really our pet. It just appeared one day in our backyard begging for food, shelter, and care which my family provided.

But recently, this cat did violations, like laying its poop and urine in our porch. It turned our porch smelly that one day we decided not to feed this animal anymore and send it away from our home.

But guess what, the cat never left. Despite its hunger, it stayed where it was. It only manifested some behavior of being afraid to us but did not attempt to go to other houses.

I really don’t know what to feel. Will I be touched by this cat’s act or will I be mad?

To cut the story short, this cat stayed in our vicinity. We tried to teach it where to do its thing. And then one day, I took a picture of it using an SLR because I learned that Foap is running a contest for the cutest pets around the world. I told myself, “why not try this contest out?” – although I’ve been joining in previous Foap’s photo contests but had never won even once.

I took three photos, two of which is showing this cat I am describing here in this post, and one which shows the photo of the other cat I expected to win the contest. Here it is:

From the SLR camera, I transferred those photos to my laptop. And from the laptop, I transferred them to my iPhone. But before uploading them to Foap, I edited them using the Snapseed app – adding some life to the pictures.

Snapseed is one of leading photo editing apps in the market today. It’s available in iOs and Android, and there is even a version for PC.

I really love Snapseed because it’s easy to use and it has great features. It provides me pictures which are edited but appeared to be similar or close to the original photo. I learned in Foap’s blog that many buyers still chose photos which are original, or photos that are not edited heavily.

Once ready with the photos, I uploaded them to the contest via the Foap app. Uploading photos can be fast and easy depending on the internet connection’s speed. However, it’s still better if you will do it one at a time.

After finishing the upload, I still need to consider some matters to get my photos to the top. So I added a caption to it. A caption may be one to five word title that you can give to your photo. It should also contain some important keywords (example: the orange cat) so that it would have a greater chance that it would be searched by potential buyers.

Now speaking of keywords, I also specified as many tags as I can so the ranking of my photos may still get better. Tags are just keywords that describe my photo. It could be a word or two that tells something about my photo (example: cat, animal, orange, wild, pet, etc.).

One more important thing is tagging my photos if it contains a person or persons on it. This is essential because if my photo contains person/s who are recognizable, I still need to accomplish a model release before it can be sold to the market.

A model release is just like a certification, represented by a signature attached to the photo, from the person in the picture that he/she allows you to sell that specific photo.

On the other hand, if it does not contain any person (who are recognizable) then I can go through finishing my post to the Foap photo contest.

Because my photos does not contain any person, I uploaded and ranked my photos easily.

And that’s it! After doing those step-by-step procedure, I just played Pokemon Go and waited for the result to come. This is how I got my first win in the Foap’s Photo Contests.

You can also do this yourself, download Foap in your smartphone now (iOs, Android) and start earning bucks in your pocket through your photos.


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