How to Play Pokemon Go Without Leaving Your House [For iOs Users]

With the technology in this fast changing world, Pokemon has evolved once again not just with its series and films but also with its game. A new Pokémon app was launched this year by Niantic. This app is called Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is based on the earlier Pokemon games played within the Nintendo consoles. However, this app is much more advanced than the previous games making it possible to see pokemons in the real world. That’s why, in order to play Pokemon Go, aside from the high-speed internet, you also need the GPS feature of your device. This is one of the ultimate reasons why some of the Pokemon fanatics are eagerly searching the web for ways how to play Pokemon Go without walking outside their houses.

Actually, I am one of them. And that is also the reason why I am doing this blog post. I want to share to you what I have learned from digging deep the world wide web – how to play Pokemon Go without leaving your house.

By the way, this strategy is just for iOs users – no jailbreak needed. For android users, just standby because I’m gonna share it in my next post.

To begin with, you need to have the following: laptop/computer – Mac OS or Windows, your iphone/ipad, usb cable for you device, and the downloaded files – Cydia Impactor and Pokémon Go 1.3.1 Pre-hacked app.

Now here’s the step-by-step tutorial on how you can play Pokémon Go without leaving you house:

Step 1. Download the Cydia Impactor and Pokémon Go 1.3.1 Pre-hacked app and place both of them on your desktop.

Step 2. Extract Cydia Impactor on a new folder in your desktop. Make sure that everything is inside that folder for the Cydia Impactor to run properly.

Step 3. Connect your iOs device in your laptop/computer. Make sure that your device is properly connected so that it can be detected by the impactor.

Step 4. Open the Cydia Impactor. See to it that it is the latest version. You can check it on its ‘Impactor’ tab and select “Check for updates”. Once the program is opened, you need to check if your iOs device is found by the program. If it’s not, you must return to step 3.

Step 5. Drag the Pokémon Go 1.3.1 Pre-hacked app into the Cydia Impactor. If you’ve done it right, you should see that you are asked for your Apple login details. (Note: The password that you are going to use here is not the password of your Apple ID. It must be a app-specific password. You can generate one in the Security options of your Apple account.) Disregard the warning message it could just be clearing out certificates you may have had before. Just click the “Ok” button and shortly, Pokémon Go will be installed in your iOs device.

Step 6. Go to Settings > General > Device Management > (your Apple ID) and click on Trust the Application. Because this is not the Pokémon Go that comes from the App store, you need to trust the developer first before you can run the app in your iOs device.

Step 7. Finally, open the app and enjoy the game. This Pokemon Go has a built-in joystick which you can use to let your character walk even if you are just staying in one place.

Because this app is authorized in your device for only a week, after 7 days, it won’t run anymore. But no worries, playing Pokemon Go inside your house continues. You simply have to repeat the whole process and you need not to go anywhere to catch all of those pokémons. (Note: Before repeating the step-by-step process again, delete first the non-working Pokemon Go app in your device.)


As of today, August 21, 2016, this latest hack for Pokemon Go still works for iOs. However, if you are planning to do this trick, you must accept all the risks that may happen. I will not be liable if your account gets banned. After all, I am not the creator of this hack. All credits should be given to Will Cobb. He is the genius who made it possible for you to play Pokemon Go without leaving your house.



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