Earn Money Reviewing Calls Online: How To Begin

It was one gloomy afternoon when I saw an old friend passing by our food cart. I called his attention and asked him to buy our product. Without any hesitation, he then bought one. That gave us some time to converse saying ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ to each other.

I asked him about being a nurse and how was his profession going on. Then surprisingly, he answered that he already resigned. I was shocked with his response so I asked furthermore. With a smile, he just said that he is now earning more money than before by just reviewing calls online. I was really curious that time, and so I asked him to elaborate even more because I am seriously interested with this kind of online opportunities.

And so, in this post, I’m gonna tell you what I’ve found out.

Introducing Humanatic.com

The use of telecommunication nowadays has been dominating the business world for without it, transactions would be as slow as turtle. Most businesses today use telecommunication to provide technical support for their customers and it has been doing great.

However, to ensure the quality of call and service that an agent would provide to a customer, owners wanted the calls to be reviewed. If they don’t have a group of people to do it, this is the time that they would be needing your help.

Earning money by reviewing calls online is real. And this is made possible by the software Humanatic which is created by Century Interactive. This is how they describe this program:

Humanatic is a software that we created to provide companies with an in depth analysis of their phone calls. Many companies use this information to improve their customer service or increase sales. We provide working opportunities for tens of thousands of people all over the world just like you.

Rather than use computers to transcribe and decipher recorded phone calls, we combine human intellect with computer generated algorithms to provide our clients with the most detailed information possible.

Our reviewers work from home listening to the recorded calls and provide us with the answers we need to create a meaningful analysis of our clients calls, and in return, provide them with specific reports and statistics to help them make the changes necessary to improve their business.

This is how they present themselves to their clients:

From the name itself, Humanatic, this software needs you badly as one of its workers. In simple terms, you will become reviewers of calls. You will simply listen to a call and then tell something about it by choosing one option from the available choices. And get paid once you’ve tagged a call correctly. As easy as that.

How to Become a Humanatic Call Reviewer

However, not everyone can join Humanatic. Before you become a Humanatic reviewer, you need to apply first. And besides the basic necessary things: desktop/laptop, headset and an internet connection, one of the most important requirements is having a verified Paypal account. If you don’t have a Paypal account yet, create one HERE.

After creating your Paypal account, you need to verify it using the details of your bank from the country where you live. Here are the steps to do it:

1) Log into your Paypal account.

2) Hover your pointer to the Profile menu and click on “Add/Edit Bank Account”.

3) Enter your online banking information.

4) Wait for the confirmation deposits to appear in your account.

5) Make note of the value of each deposit, and then enter them into the verification form.

6) Finally, answer the confirmation call.

For a more detailed procedure on how to verify your Paypal account, you can go to this LINK.

Now you got a verified Paypal, it’s time to go to the sign up page of Humanatic.com. On this page, it really emphasizes that you badly need a verified Paypal account before you become their reviewer.

Source: humanatic.com
                                                                                                             Source: humanatic.com

You just need to accomplish the sign up form with some of your important details and then submit it. You have at least 3 days to wait for the confirmation that your application is accepted or not through your e-mail. The Humanatic team will still review on your information if it could be really a qualified one.

Finally, once accepted, you need to login to your account and undergo a short tutorial on how to review calls, and then you’re good to go. You will now be brought to Call Categories page where you can choose the kind of call you want to review. At this point, earning money online by reviewing calls is now at your reach!

Review calls as much as you can and withdraw your earnings when it reaches $10 whenever you like it. You can even earn more by hitting a spot in the leaderboard where members receive bonus as a reward for their great performance in reviewing calls.

So if you are looking for a job right now and you are good in English and has some basic knowledge in computer, maybe you are the one Humanatic is waiting for. Be a Humanatic call reviewer now and make earning money online a possible one.



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