Clash Royale Strategies: How to Win Every Battle in Clash Royale

If you have downloaded the latest game created by Supercell – Clash Royale, for sure you are looking for some strategies how to win, (if not all, most of the time) in every battle. Of course you want your account to get higher trophies for the reason that higher trophies will allow you to play in high level arenas, and high level arenas can unlock and give you great cards. Moreover, getting high level cards, especially rare and epic cards, will give you an advantage to your opponent for you to win every battle.

After a month of playing this new hit by Supercell, I’ve discovered some simple strategies you can also use so that you’ll have a greater chance of winning each battle in the game.

Be familiar with your cards

This is the basic strategy that you need to do. Before you engage yourself to any battle, make sure that you are familiar with your battle deck cards, not just with their names, but also with their stats. Through this, you’ll be able to utilize your cards well. For instance, your opponent’s tower has 80 hitpoints left, you may throw a level 7 arrow card into it because you know that its crown tower damage is 81. By doing so, winning every battle will not be that difficult.

Balance your battle deck

Clash Royale has a bunch of cards to play with – 28 troop cards, 10 spell cards and 10 building cards. As much as you wanted to use all of the strong cards, you are just allowed to use 8 cards in your battle deck. That’s why it’s best to choose wisely the cards you want to play with. In doing this, remember to balance your deck. Different cards have different elixir requirements. There are low elixir cards as well as high elixir cards. Make sure that you include in your deck a combination of both low and high elixir cards. In doing this, you can avoid having trouble in deploying cards especially during the early part of the battle.

Play with your deck

Out of 48 cards in Clash Royale, you can possibly form a lot of combinations for your battle deck. Create combos that can let you destroy a tower easily. For example, a wizard can be best partnered with the giant. As the tank, while the giant receives all the damage from incoming attacks, the wizard then wipes the way for the giant to continue its way towards the tower. You may also want to try the hog rider and freeze spell combo. While the hog rider lead its way to destroy the tower, you can use the freeze spell to stop the defenders as well as the tower itself for some seconds and let the hog rider continue its rampage. And so, don’t be afraid to mix up your cards until you unleash the best battle deck that can bring you more wins in the game.

Play defensively

Sometimes, it is better to play defensively than to make a full attack without even thinking of defending your towers. In this strategy, let your opponent do the first move. Then, according to the cards available in your deck, counter your opponent’s attack. This counter, will not just defend your tower, it should also start a strong push that can go all the way to destroy your opponent’s tower.

Attack on both sides

One of the best strategies you can use in order to win a battle in Clash Royale is attacking both sides of the arena. By doing so, you can make your opponent confused of which side to defend and which card will he deploy to counter your attack. However, this strategy is risky. Aside from requiring you high elixir cost, it also let’s you attack blindly, because aside from the fact that you don’t have the idea of what your opponent card’s are, you also don’t know when and how he/she will counter your attack. And so, at the early part of the game, be careful in utilizing this strategy. This technique can be very effective in the last part of the game, especially the last minute where you’re elixir is doubled.

Reserve your ace

Like some sports, in Clash Royale you may also want to reserve your ace or your best card. Sometimes it’s better to deceive the opponent that you are just a weakling, attacking them at first with some common cards but later on surprising them with an epic card or even a legendary one. But hey, don’t be too much confident with this strategy. It doesn’t mean that you got an ace you’ll win the battle. Until the castle is still standing, your opponent always has the chance to make a comeback and defeat you.

The More the Merrier

Another effective strategy in Clash Royale is using troop cards that are considered as a group, like the barbarian and the minion horde, together with building cards that summon troops, like the barbarian hut and the goblin hut. The idea here is very simple, the more troops you deploy, the greater the push you are doing. However, this method has a weakness. Spell cards with area damage such as arrow, fireball, zap, etc., can just eliminate your troops in a glance, so you must be careful and you must have a plan B if your opponent has done a counter for your attack.

Start slowly

During the beginning phase of the battle, it is best to start slowly and to deploy cards at the back part of your towers. By doing so, while your troop/s walk towards the opponent’s tower, you allow elixir to be replenished and to be utilized effectively. The result: you will be able to deploy and use at least 4 to 5 cards in just one push. And if you’re lucky enough that you’re opponent failed to defend or counter your push, you can destroy his tower in less than a minute.

Fight with haste when it’s late

The most crucial part of the battle in Clash Royale is the end phase, especially the last one minute. During the last one minute, the production of elixir is doubled, allowing you to deploy and use cards faster. That’s why, during this time, you must make haste in making decisions of which card to use so that you can create a big push. However, in doing this, you must not leave your base undefended. You should always have a reserve defense in your deck that could either be a troop, building or spell card.


Clash Royale is another mobile game that you want to have in your smartphone. However, when you start playing this game, you might end up deleting the app if you will always be lost. That is why you need to apply some good strategies during the battles so that you will have a greater chance of winning. Some of these strategies are mentioned in this post, and others can come from your own creativity. There could be a hundred ways in winning a battle in Clash Royale. It will just be up to you, what and how you are going to do it.


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