My Clash Royale Review

What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is the newest game made by the creator of COC or Clash of Clans – Supercell. Like COC, it’s another mobile game that captures the interest of many gamers around the world. It was very evident because just after a week it was released to the App Store and Play Store, it has amazingly ranked number 1. It’s a very good indication that like Supercell’s masterpiece (COC), it might as well break the records.

Gameplay of Clash Royale

Clash Royale has a very simple gameplay. If I were asked to describe it, I would say that Clash Royale is a super mini DOTA combined with Yu-Gi-Oh. Why is that so? Take a look at the image below.

IMG_8133 This is the battlefield of Clash Royale. Instead of team, it will be a 1 on 1 fight against another online player. Like DOTA, the game’s objective is to destroy the base of your opponent, especially the Castle. Once you’ve destroyed the Castle, you shall win the game.

By the way, I also compared this game to Yu-Gi-Oh because the troops and spells you deploy to the field will be kept through cards. The higher the level your cards, and the stronger troops and spells you have in your battle deck, the greater chance you’ll win the match.

Cards may contain troops or spells which you put on the battlefield for an equivalent elixir cost. If you’re playing COC, yes, you’re thinking it right. That violet liquid is still present in Clash Royale.


What I Like About Clash Royale

Upon knowing that Supercell made another game, I became excited. However, ironically, I did not download the game immediately, until such time when one of friends showed to me how this game is played. As a result, I downloaded the game the following day. While exploring this great app as a beginner, there are some qualities I think, I liked about Clash Royale:

IMG_8132COC Troops. Because I’m a fan of Clash of Clans, it’s nice to see some of its troops in Clash Royale. Some of them were improved in appearance and others can now do things they can’t do in COC (the wallbraker is now throwing its grenade, transforming it into a long-ranged bomber).

New Troops. If I were happy seeing those giants and archers in Clash Royale, I was even much happier to see new troops in this game, such as the Prince, Knight, and Musketeer. They added taste to game, not just with its looks but also with its abilities.

Live Opponent. Unlike COC when you search for an opponent base to raid where the owner is not online, in Clash Royale, your opponent is live online. You will be able to battle someone from any part of the world according to the matchmaking system of the game. Therefore, the game would be much fun and challenging knowing that you’re fighting someone on the other line who might be tougher than you.

Interaction to Opponents. Aside from the live opponents, Clash Royale has the feature of interacting with whomIMG_8134 you’re battling with through emoticons and some default words such as ‘good luck’, ‘thanks’, ‘wow’, ‘oops’, ‘well played’, ‘good game’. This can satisfy your interpersonal side of being friendly and boastful at the same time. It’s just like greeting the other player and trash talking them in a very little way.

Upgrading troops. In Clash of Clans, upgrading your troops or buildings can take years to finish, unless you’re using a Clash of Clans hack of some kind. Of course, I’m just kidding. It only takes at least 10 days to upgrade one of your troops. Yes, you will wait for 10 days before your troop levels up. And it’s not funny. On the other hand, Clash Royale has a different feature when it comes to upgrading troops. In contrast with COC, upgrading troops and spells in CR will just take 1-2 seconds.  You just click the upgrade button, and poof! Your done with the upgrade.

Super-mini Version of DOTA. I do like the gameplay of Clash Royale because it is similar to DOTA or Defense of the Ancients wherein you attack the enemies’ base and defend your buildings at the same time. Only that CR could be the tiniest version of DOTA because its map is whatever the size of your mobile phone’s screen is and it only has three buildings (two towers and one castle).

What I Don’t Like About Clash Royale

From the time I’ve started playing this game, I’ve seen a lot of interesting features. However, I’ve also noticed some things which were out of my taste. Here are those:

Leveling Up. The usual way of leveling up in any game is through battling with other players. In Clash Royale, it’s different. You don’t gain experience after a match. Instead, you gain trophies and chests. Trophies determine where arena you will fight. The higher your trophies, the higher the arena level.

Treasure chests may be any of this kind: wood, silver, gold, giant, and magical. It can contain any of the following: coins, gems, or cards. Coins are used to upgrade cards. It is also used to buy cards in the shop. Gems are basically used to quicken the upgrade of a specific card. And cards are your weapons in a battle.

So when do you level up? You can gain experience and level up only when you upgrade cards. This made me feet a bit bored because battling with other players can be useless if you’re not gaining any experience as well as cards. Since there are only 4 card slots, if it’s already full, most of your battles will not anymore let you earn even a single chest. And so, leveling up would be in a very slow phasing.

IMG_8147Unlocking the Chests. If you have started playing Clash Royale, what you will be excited most is opening the chests that you can get from battling different opponents online.

However, I do understand if you’re a bit frustrated with a chest’s unlocking time. From 3 hours to more than 12 hours, that’s the waiting time before you can finally open a chest.

That’s why others are really tempted to use their gems to speed up that waiting time. Nonetheless, I suggest that you reserve your gems and use them later on once you’ve got the rarest of those chests.

This feature of Clash Royale – unlocking the chests – made me feel that Supercell will again earn big bucks from those impatient and rich players around the world.

Well, at this moment, those are just some of the features of Clash Royale I’m not quite sure I would like.

All of these are just my opinion to post this review about Supercell’s latest game. If you got anything to say about the game and about this post, feel free to comment below. Let’s see if we have similar ideas.


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