How to Write a Quality Article for Your Blog

Blogging requires you to write good paragraphs in order to produce quality articles. When we say ‘good paragraphs’, we refer to those compositions that would pass the standard of your readers. Of course you wanted to get a bunch of readers and viewers of your blog everyday. This reason alone is enough for you to have quality articles in your blog.

A simple blog using a sub-domain with high quality articles can be better than a blog with a top-level domain containing very low quality, not understandable, and copied articles. At the end of the day, it would still be ‘quality’ that will win this race. So you badly need to acquire skills in paragraph writing.

The basic writing skills can be acquired in school or through self-study. To achieve the skills in paragraph writing, constant practice is really suggested. But writing everyday is not that enough. You must also practice how to read the works of others and learn from them. You can also find a mentor or someone who can teach you how to become a better writer.

Aside from that, it is also important that you become aware of the qualities of a good paragraph or the appropriate way of structuring it. This includes coherence and unity. Coherence refers to the sense of unity or relationship of your sentences in a paragraph while unity tells that your paragraph should have only one idea which will reflect in your topic sentence and to its supporting details.

To help you achieve unity and coherence for your paragraph/s, and soon effectiveness to it, remember to follow the following steps or pointers:

  1. With a definite purpose in mind, write a paragraph with one central idea. This idea is either expressed or implied in the topic sentence. The topic sentence will be the foundation of your paragraph. It will be the sentence where you will base the rest of the sentences. Most of the time, the topic sentence is found at the beginning of your paragraph. There are also times when it comes the last. And seldom it becomes implied or not stated in the paragraph.
  2. Support this central idea with relevant details to make the general idea more concrete and meaningful. Out of the topic sentence, construct other sentences that will backup this idea. Just make sure that it will be relevant to the topic and not making your paragraph too wordy.
  3. Use transitions to link your ideas together and to show their relationships. In order for your sentences to be linked to each other, you must use transitional words such as conjunctions that will make your paragraph more effective and powerful.
  4. End your paragraph with a striking statement to stress your main idea. If you stated the main idea in your first sentence, be sure that the last sentence should reemphasize it. In this way, you will be making the reader of your article understand what you really wanted to say in your paragraph. If your article needs more paragraphs, then simply repeat the steps 1 to 4.
  5. Now you can think of a title for your paragraph/s that label/s or give/s a clue about what your article is all about. This can also unify the paragraphs and can make it as a whole. In thinking for a title, you should also consider how it can be catchy to the eyes of the readers so that upon reading the title, they will be tempted to read your paragraph/s and eventually the whole article.

If you will just follow these 5 simple steps, it’s not impossible to achieve both unity and coherence in your article.

By the way, the above steps are focused on how the structure of your paragraphs must be in your article. Why focus on the structure? The structure of your paragraph will help your readers understand more what you are trying to tell them. They can easily get your point and as a result, they might end up as your regular readers.

So aside from your basic skills in writing, you really need to learn the right way of structuring your paragraphs. Through this, you can now have quality articles for your blog. Who knows, by simply following those pointers, you may come up to a million dollar article that will change your life forever.


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