Common Reasons Why People Will Not Join in Network Marketing

If you’re a network marketer, you know for sure that it’s not easy to invite and convince other people to join you under your network marketing business, especially when you are just at the beginning stage. So you should be careful on looking for your prospects because there are two possible things that may happen when you are trying to recruit someone.

First, he/she will be convinced and will become your referral. Second, he/she will hesitate because of some reasons which are really hard to deal with. Of course you don’t want to experience the second one. So it’s very important to know why they will not join you.

Here are some of those reasons why people will not join you with your business:


Many people are really negative towards network marketing (or networking as they know it). They would rather be employed and work 8 hours a day than pay a registration fee, join to a networking company, and sell some products to people to earn commissions.

They don’t see it as an opportunity. They look at it as a scam or a pyramid scheme (although there are really this kind of network marketing companies, so be careful in choosing one). They see networking as a waste of time and money (the registration fee).

Even though a lot have been successful in networking, they don’t care about it. They just couldn’t accept the fact that it could change their life in other ways they don’t know.


Some people would not engaged in network marketing because of pride. If you are trying to convince some of them and the response you got was an immediate NO, it could either be that they don’t have an open-mind or they don’t want to accept the fact that you are better than them.

Those people don’t want to be under you and don’t want to become one of your downlines. They always look at themselves as a better person that they don’t need anyone to help them succeed in their life.

“I don’t have money for registration”

Another common reason you can get from people you are inviting to join in network marketing is the line: “I don’t have money for the registration fee.” If you would think about it, it could be that they are telling the truth where they really don’t have the extra fund to invest to a certain business.

You can still do something about this. If you have enough money, you can lend them if they are serious and really want to join and become one of your referrals. But this is not advisable. Financing your own downline can make them think that you are desperate. This will give them the reason not to move or to be dependent to you always.

However it could also be the other way around where they really have the money but they just don’t want to have business with you or with the company you are trying to endorse to them.

Those are just few of the common reasons why people will not join in your network marketing business. There are still some which you need to discover yourself in your recruitment journey.

What to do?

Except for those people who have insufficient funds to pay for the registration fee but are serious and are interested to join wherein you can still do something about it like lending them some bucks, you can ignore other people who have a lot of reasons not to join you. It’s not worth it to keep on trying to convince them. You might end up desperate in doing so and they might also get upset against you.

So forget about them. After all they are not the only people in this world whom you can share a great opportunity with. So if someone turned back on you and manifested one of those common reasons not to join you, it’s simple – GO TO THE NEXT.

The Known Secret

The secret to success in network marketing is having a lot of referrals and a powerful downline under you. But the question is, how are you going to do it? Of course you need to invite and recruit a lot of people who will be convinced by you, yourself. It could either be through the word of mouth or the word of mouse (through the internet) or any other ways that could be effective for you.

In looking for your referrals, you should not only think that these people will each give money to you, instead, think of it that you are sharing a great opportunity to them and you are helping them to be out of their current situation (if they are having a not so good situation).


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