Why Teaching is Considered as a Vocation

Real talk: one of the most uneasy job in the world is becoming a teacher. Just take a look at these works that a teacher does: makes a lesson plan everyday, teaches the lesson to the class, creates quizzes and test papers, checks the outputs of the students, computes the students’ grades, manages the classroom, counsels the students and become their second parent.

This makes one teacher equivalent to at least 5 persons. That’s why teaching can be considered as a vocation which requires love and passion to work. It is not just the profession that everyone looks for to continue living in this world but also a vocation that only a few can attain.

Last 2013, I wrote an article on Hubpages about teaching as a vocation. And I wanted to share it here in my blog for everyone to see how teaching can become a vocation. Here it is:

One of the most important things that teachers should always keep in mind is the fact that teaching is not only a profession but also considered as a vocation. None of them could become effective and efficient teachers if they will only work for the sake of the degree that they have earned in college or just for the sake of the salary they get from their employers.

So that we can see why teaching is considered as a vocation, first, let’s take a look at the difference between profession and vocation. According to the Oxford dictionary, “profession” is a paid occupation that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification while “vocation” is a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation, especially regarded as worthy and requiring dedication.

If we are going to see the difference between this two, profession is more of the work needed to be done for a salary. In contrast, vocation is more of the work that needs to be done not for salary but for service. And if we will be evaluating those two words deeper, both of them involve work but only one emphasizes dedication – which is vocation.

Yes, anyone can become a sales lady but not everyone can become a priest. Anyone can work over time but not everyone can go to mountains and serve those needy people. Therefore, a vocation is only for some who are really dedicated not just to work but also to serve other people.

Teacher Mark is treated as a teacher for teaching his students the lessons every day. He teaches everything he knows, showing off his mastery of the subject, but not even considering the feelings of his students towards difficult topics. On the other hand, a volunteer named Joy is addressed as a teacher for teaching and serving the children of a far rural community. She travels almost 20 kilometers everyday for the sake of her students learning and development.

Who do you think practices teaching as a vocation? That’s right, it’s Joy. Although Mark is doing everything professionally as a teacher, still he forgets something which is more important than teaching. And that is service, which Joy really shows in her deeds towards her work and towards the people whom she’s working with.

Teaching is technically a profession where it normally involves occupation and the salary that is being awarded to a teacher after hard days of work. However, unlike any other profession, it requires dedication and service in order for an individual to be considered as a real teacher.

That’s the reason why teaching should not just be treated as a simple profession but also a serious vocation where other people and service is over self and salary.

This article of mine had been used by some people for their project, like this one:

teaching as a vocation 1

It was used as one of the references for a specific study by  Blanca Aleyda Góngora Mendoza of Universidad de la Amazonia entitled “Lack of Teacher’s Vocation as one of the Problematics when Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign Language” You can check the paper HERE.

Here’s another one:

teaching as a vocation 2

My article was used here as one of the sources of information for an untitled project in Prezi.

Showing these uses of my article does not mean  that I am boasting them off. I just want to emphasize that its content is telling the truth. That’s why some people had used them for their paper works, to support their stand that teaching is not merely a simple job in a school. It is not an easy work that anyone can do. Teaching is not just a profession.

Teaching is a vocation.


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