How to Get Bitcoins Fast and Easy

Bitcoin today is widely used by a lot of people around the globe. Whether you’re an easterner or a westerner you can use bitcoins wherever you are. During it’s first appearance in the internet world, its use is just limited within the world wide web. But today, there are now stores and businesses that accept bitcoins in exchange to certain products or services. In the coming years, it is also expected that this crypto currency will become more powerful since many big companies today are promoting its usage. The only question left to us is: How do we get bitcoins if we are just an ordinary person who wanted to get involved to this financial revolution? And how do we do it fast and easy?

There’s a fast and easy way how you can get bitcoins online though not that much. You do it using bitcoin faucets. Bitcoin faucets are websites that give you free bitcoins in exchange with simple tasks, like viewing ads, clicking on adverts, etc. There are many of these bitcoin faucets online – maybe a hundred of them or more. You need to signup to each of these faucets using your bitcoin wallet or your email address. After that, you just need to login and check for the simple tasks you need to do, and in a few seconds, you get your free bitcoins! However, signing up to a bunch of bitcoin faucets may be uncomfortable. It can take you much time during the process. And you will be utilizing much more time when you check each of these accounts in getting those free bitcoins everyday.

But worry no more, there is a website that can solve this trouble. You just need to signup to this website once and you’re registered to all the bitcoin faucets associated on it. This website is called EPAY.

Epay is a bitcoin faucet rotator where you register once to create a rotator account so you don’t need to signup to a lot of bitcoin faucets. Epay can surely give you bitcoins fast and easy, especially if you will religiously visit the site. If you play this rotator, you can claim 0.00059765 bitcoins every hour or 0.01434358 bitcoins daily!

There are four ways how you can get bitcoins fast and easy with Epay:

Bitcoin Faucets


The first way is through the 20 best bitcoin faucets that Epay has. By clicking the FREE BTC tab, you’ll get to the page where this bitcoin faucets are waiting for you. All you need to do is visit them and do some simple tasks such as clicking on a button or scratching an image. You’ll get the free bitcoin with the amount ranging from 0.0000100 up to 0.01000000, depending on the faucet’s offer.



Another way of earning bitcoin with Epay is through lottery. Every hour, Epay conducts a lottery for all its members. For a price of 0.00001000 BTC per ticket, you’ll have the chance to win the jackpot prize (divided into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd) which is the total of the ticket bought multiplied to the ticket price. The maximum number of tickets you can buy is 50. Of course, the more the tickets you’ll buy, the greater the chance you’ll win the lottery.



One more method of getting bitcoins with Epay is through referral earnings. For every referral you can bring to Epay you can get up to 75% percent of their lifetime earnings. It’s not that easy to take new members in this rotator, but if you did it, and you bring maybe a hundred of them, you’ll just be sitting in front of your laptop while bitcoins are coming into your wallet.



The last way to get bitcoins with Epay is through the Multiplier’s tab. On this page, you are given the chance to double your Epay’s current bitcoin balance. Imagine, if you have 0.50000000 BTC in your Epay account and your lucky enough to play the hi-lo game in the Multiplier tab, you may get 1 BTC in the end which is equivalent to $626.77 (as of 8/1/2016). However, it is not advisable to multiply your bitcoins doing this game. Yes, you may be able to grow your bitcoins fast and easy doing this, but you got a 50% chance for this because it’s just like gambling. You might end up dropping your earnings and getting frustrated. So be careful.

There are actually other fast and easy ways how you can get free bitcoins online. Some of them will be posted here on this blog. Some of them – you just need to find them all over the web. The Epay rotator is just a very good example of how you’re gonna do it. It’s one of a kind. And it will truly help you earn bitcoins fast and easy.



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