How to Get Free Bitcoins and Earn Money Online

How to get free bitcoins? This is the common question of some who knows what bitcoins are and those who wanted to earn real cash online. The good news is, this is also the question that will be answered in this short article. But before that, take a look at first some facts about bitcoins.

Bitcoin trivia

Bitcoins have been circulating the world wide web since 2009. But many people were not really aware of what it was. 2008 when it was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto  and was first released in 2009 as the first bitcoin software that launched the first units of the bitcoin cryptocurrency.  Satoshi Nakamoto is a mystery guy or maybe a group of people who are into cryptography or the art of writing/solving codes. His identity is a mystery.

Up until now, no one really knows who Satoshi is. Many were suspected but no one admitted that he is the real one. However, one thing is for sure, Satoshi came up to this digital currency that a lot of businesses online use and many ordinary people earn a living from. To make it clearer, 1 bitcoin is equivalent to $724.89 (as of 11/2/2016). More and more people everyday are craving to earn this kind of money.

So now you know what a bitcoin is, for sure you want to hurry yourself to your computer and search for many ways how to earn or get free bitcoins. But wait! Hold your horses. You need not to search for it. You got the easiest and fastest ways of doing it here. You simply need to follow some simple instructions.

Setup your bitcoin wallet

First thing’s first. In order for you to cashout all the bitcoins you’re going to earn, you need to setup first your bitcoin wallet. Register an account with Blockchain or (this is the best bitcoin wallet for the Filipinos because it can exchange your bitcoins into Philippines Peso with just one click). This wallet is where you’re going to keep your bitcoins until such time you wanted to transfer them into your bank account.

Start getting your FREE bitcoins

Using a Rotator. There are a number of methods on how you can get free bitcoins. One of which is signing up to a bitcoin rotator. You can do it HERE. A bitcoin rotator contains bitcoin faucets or websites where you can get free bitcoins in exchange to advertisements views or by doing simple tasks. And when it comes to bitcoin rotator, is the most trusted one. Register an account with Epay and look for the Free BTC tab to start visiting at least 20 bitcoin faucets that can give you up to 0.01500000 BTC per day.

Using an Amazing Bitcoin Faucets. You can also signup to the following selected bitcoin faucets: Freebitcoin and Bit2Visitor. Freebitcoin gives free bitcoins every 60 minutes which ranges from 0.00000277 BTC to 0.27657544 BTC. While Bit2Visitor requires you to view some websites within 10 seconds up to 5 minutes, which in return will pay you from 0.00000050 BTC to 0.00001000 BTC.

Using a Game. If you are fond of playing games, you may also download these apps HERE in your android or iOs. With this, you’ll be hitting two birds in one stone. You’ll be able to satisfy yourself in playing a game and you will get unlimited free bitcoins!

Using a Miner. This one is remarkable. You need not to do anything but you can earn as much as 10,000 satoshis up to 0.15 BTC per day. Create your FREE account with Bitminer now and have the following benefits:

FREE account
Earning rate:
0.0000004 BTC/min
0.0006 BTC/day
Affiliate rate 20%

Invest 0.01 BTC
Earning rate:
0.0000008 BTC/min
0.0012 BTC per day
Affiliate rate 30%

Invest 0.1 BTC
Earning rate:
0.00001 BTC/min
0.015 BTC per day
Affiliate rate 40%

Invest 0.9 BTC
Earning rate:
0.0001 BTC/min
0.15 BTC per day
Affiliate rate 50%

Invest 5 BTC
Earning rate:
0.0007 BTC/min
1 BTC per day
Affiliate rate 100%
Instant withdrawals

Share your referral links

After signing up to these bitcoin faucets, you’ll get a unique referral link to each of them which you can share to your friends online. For every successful active referral, you’ll get a specific amount of commission based on their earnings.

For example, one of your referrals already earned 2 BTC, even for not doing anything, you’ll get 1 BTC to your account, since most of these faucets will give you 50% referral commission. So the more often you share your links to many people, the greater the chance you’ll get more referrals, and the more free bitcoins you’ll be able to acquire.

How to get MORE free bitcoins

Are you wondering if you can still get more free bitcoins aside from the ones you can get from the faucets mentioned above? Don’t worry, there are still other ways of getting more free bitcoins in the web. You can actually double your bitcoins or even grow them more than 100% to this site: Primedice.

Primedice is one of the best bitcoin betting site where you can play a simple “Hi-Lo game.” You can multiply your bitcoins here whenever your bet for a high or low number wins. It’s somehow risky, but if you can just get the right strategy, your bitcoins will grow enormously!

By the way, and Freebitcoin also has this feature, so you can also multiply your bitcoins here after getting them from the faucets.

But here’s a simple reminder, gambling is not good, so do it at your own risk.

Harvest the fruit!

When you reach the payment threshold for each of these bitcoin faucet, it’s time for you to get your free bitcoins and transfer them into your bitcoin wallet. In sending this bitcoins, you’ll need your bitcoin wallet address (like this one: 15WXiKfZshoHmJTzrRqThiEMtFK9CNSNLt) from your Blockchain account and use it as the recipient for your earnings.

These are the payments I got just recently from the bitcoin faucets mentioned above.

I got my bitcoins, what now?

Well, that would be the question of many. What are you going to do with your bitcoins after you receive them in your bitcoin wallet? Of course you wanted it to become a real money that you can hold with your bare hands, knowing that 1 bitcoin is equivalent to $724.89 (as of 11/2/2016).

So if you’re thinking that way, you may want to register to any of the following accounts to exchange your bitcoins to real currency: (for those who reside in the Philippines) or LocalBitcoins (for those who are in any part of the world).

If you’re also thinking that bitcoins can be used to buy goods or pay for services online, you got it right! There are a number of companies online that accept bitcoins as a payment for any transaction made. You just need to look for them using your favorite search engine.

Meanwhile, there could be other ways of getting bitcoins. The strategies presented here are just the few that could give you this kind of cryptocurrency for free, fast and easy.


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