How to Start a Blog and Make Money

At present, there are great opportunities online that could actually earn you a living, and blogging is one of them. So the question now, goes like this: How do you start a blog and make money out of it? But before answering that, you should know first the basics on blogging and see the reasons why you are going to do this.

What is a Blog?

According to, technically, ‘blog’ comes from the word ‘weblog’ which is a website that you are going to update on a daily basis. But in a deeper sense, when you say blog, it is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It is a place where you can share your thoughts, and passions, and express yourself to the world. Blogs can either be lifestyle blogs or niche blogs.

A lifestyle blog is a blog that focuses more on the needs of the author. Maybe the author is a writer or just someone who wants to share his/her everyday life. A niche blog is a blog that focuses more on the needs of the readers and internet users. It also concentrates on one topic that is elaborated throughout the blog.

Now if you want to make money in starting a blog, you might want to create a niche blog with one specific idea only because having one target in your blog posts will eventually make your site popular which can give you a lot of traffic that can be transformed into revenues in the future.

Why Blogging?

With the pangs of global financial crisis biting the country, it is not that easy to find a job nowadays. Companies are trying to downsize their workforce to reduce labor cost, which results to limited job vacancies. Others tend to be choosy in accepting employees because they care too much on the services they offer to customers and they are afraid that their expectations will not be met by their applicants. This is why, for some, finding a job today is like passing through a needle’s hole.

And even if you’re employed, still you may not be satisfied with your current situation because of some disadvantages that employment could bring to you. One of its disadvantages is the fixed income you’ll get every month. It’s true that this is also an advantage for some, but it turns to be the other way around for others. If you’re an employee, you’ll just receive the salary for your position. And sometimes the compensation doesn’t equal your work. Your income then is lesser than your expenses.

Another disadvantage is regarding time freedom. Once your employed, majority of your time in a week is consumed in your workplace. Your time with your family and friends is limited. It’s also in employment where you got a boss whom you must follow always so that your position may not be threatened. And because of this, you’ll go find another way of making money.

That’s why blogging is here for you. As long as you know basic English, especially constructing sentences, paragraphs and ideas; you got no problem at all. The challenge you’ll only face is how to start a blog and how to make money out of it.

So how do you really start a blog?

There are few simple steps that you need to follow in starting a blog. These are easy-to-do steps which would not cause you to perspire, as long as you got a personal computer or a laptop and an internet connection.

1. Choose a niche

Before you start a blog, you need to identify the niche or the topic which you are going to elaborate in each of your blog posts. In choosing a niche, it is important that you should consider your knowledge on it. If it is not your passion nor your hobby, at least you have the mastery of what you’re going to tell the world in your blog.

However, because you want to make money with your blog, you must also consider the niche which people are looking for. Therefore, you need to choose the niche which is familiar to you and at the same time which interests the netizens and even the masses.

2. Create your domain

After deciding for the niche your blog is going to talk about, it’s time for you to create your own domain. Domain is simply the online address of your blog or website which usually starts with a ‘www’ and ends with a ‘dot com’. Choose a domain that is related to your niche for search engine optimization.

For example, your niche is about “how to start a blog and make money” you can name your domain as: You can actually get a domain for free with blog platforms like Blogger. But if you do, your domain would look like this:, and it would not look like a professional blog because of its name extension – ‘blogspot’. And because it’s free, you don’t own it. It’s owned by Blogger.

So if you want a professional looking domain name, get it from a professional web hosting company like Hostgator. You give Hostgator $3.96 per month and they give you your own domain which they host and take care for the rest of your web hosting plan. You don’t need to be a programmer. You just have to be a master of your articles. That’s it! And the rest, especially the technical matters in your website, leave it to Hostgator.

3. Install WordPress

After creating your domain with Hostgator, the next thing you must do is to install WordPress in your blog. WordPress is one of the best blog platforms because of its great features and because of its being user-friendly. It is in WordPress where you are going to compose your blog posts and publish them to share it to the world. Again, you don’t need to be a professional programmer or a website developer to make your blog professional-looking, WordPress has features where you simply need to push a button and it will be done for you.

So how do you install WordPress in your blog? It’s easy. Just go to the control panel of your domain in Hostgator and find the push-button “Install WordPress”

4. Create posts regularly

Now you are ready to create you first post. But before you do it, because you want to have a profitable blog, you need to consider first the following – content, word count, and keywords.

The post you are going to publish should be related to your blog and not with any other topics that you just wanted to share. Consider also the word count of your post. To achieve a decent article, publish a post with more than 600 words so your readers may think that you are really the master of your niche. Divide your paragraphs into chunks or sentences so that readers would find it easy to read your work. And most importantly, be aware of the keywords you are going to use in your post.

If you want to have many readers of your post, you need to make use of the keywords correctly. Before using a keyword in your post, make a research on it first using the Google keyword tool. Use the keywords that are searched frequently but with less competition against other bloggers or website. Use the keyword in your title, in the introduction, in the body, and in the conclusion or your post. In doing so, you’ll have greater chances that your blog will rank higher in search engines. And eventually, you can gain a lot of viewers in your blog.

In creating your blog post, make sure that you follow a certain schedule. For example, in a week, you should have done 2 posts. And of course, you’re gonna do it regularly. But take note that in a blog, qaulity is still better than quantity. So do not be in a hurry in publishing a blog post. It’s better to have a four quality blog posts in month than 15 posts but of very poor rating.

How to make money with your blog?

1. Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to earn cash using your blog is through affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate marketing lets you earn cash by selling or promoting products of other people and companies. Of course you do the promotion within your blog, and being a publisher, you must post the ads of these affiliate marketers in your blog to start with. Then for every sale that you get, you’ll receive a corresponding commission. As simple as that! One of the best affiliate marketing network today that you might consider is Clickbank.

However, before joining to any affiliate marketing programs out there, you should first do some research. Find programs that will let you advertise at low-cost but caliber products. You should also make sure that the program where you will join is in good reputation. The next thing that you should do is to look for products that are top-picked by many people and display them in your article or in any page of your blog.

Make meaningful reviews that would attract your viewers to buy the products you’ve selected. Be sure to focus on the quality of your blog first and state the products at the right time instead of advertising your product too much. And most of all, the product that you will review should also be related with your niche so that it would not be out of place.

2. PPC – Pay Per Click

You can also earn cash by signing up to online advertising networks like Google AdsenseBut if ever you were not approved by Adsense, you can try these two great alternatives: Chitika and RevenuehitsHow do these online ad networks really work?

It’s simple. Say for instance you’ve been approved by Google Adsense, a code will be available for you which you will add to your blog. After doing so, that’s the time when ads, which are similar to your content, appear in your page/s. A specific amount of cash will be paid to you for every click or even impressions you get from those ads.

Do some background research about different ad networks and select one that pays people well and displays targeted ads on websites instead of random ones. Analyze the benefits of these ad networks and select the one that best fits your blog contents and the one that can pay you well. If you want, you can make these ads as circumspect as you want, but take note that your main objective is to get a lot of traffic and clicks from your visitors to earn real cash.

3. Offering an Ad Space

You can possibly gain extra income from your blog without the assistance from anyone by allowing other sites to advertise their products in your blog. A very good example for this is the Buysellads wherein you offer a specific space in your blog for individual/s or company advertisers that might advertise their businesses through your blog. You can earn a decent amount of money by doing so.

Nonetheless, this method can only be effective if your blog is already popular to a lot of people. You must also see to it that it can gain a lot of traffic everyday easily. You cannot earn a respectable income if your blog does not receive an ample amount of traffic or visitors per day.

Try finding websites or other blogs that market products to people, and inform them that you sell an ad space in your blog where you can feature their products or articles regularly. Be sure that your visitors will be interested to these ads, but do not assure an exact number of clicks on the ads.

You should talk over the specifics, such as the area where the banner or ad will be located and the length of time when these ads will be showed on your blog. Maintain communication with these webmasters or bloggers because they might find a meaningful experience working with you and would like to repeat the same experience.

4. Other Ways

There are still other methods on how to blog for money online. One of which can be done through letting viewers of your blog know that you are a skilled writer of content for other websites. In this way, they might contact you and have a talk with you for a business opportunity. You can also encourage your audiences to donate some cash that will help you in managing your blog by adding a PayPal button in your site.

Moreover, you can sell products of your own that you have created in the web through your blog. Finally, if ever you’ve felt that you are already exhausted with your blog, you can try selling it to another blogger who wants a fully developed blog for marketing a product to an established amount of traffic.

Is Blogging for you?

Learning all of these strategies in how to start a blog and make money out of it would be useless if blogging is not meant for you. So ask yourself this question: “Is blogging really for me?” If not, maybe there should be other way where you can go and earn a living. But it it is for you, treat this as a profession and it will pay you professionally.

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