Sell Photos Online and Earn Cash with Your iPhone or Android Phone with These Apps

Nowadays, millions and billions of photos are being uploaded in the internet. The Facebook alone gets the biggest contribution in this activity. Facebook revealed that each day, about 350 million photos are being uploaded from all over the world. Where do these photos go? Of course on Facebook’s database or simply within your account as a user. They will stay there and will be stored forever until you create another account and forget about the previous one, leaving it there for a very long time, without knowing that one of those pictures might be worth a million dollar to others.

Do you know that your photos can be sold online? Did you ever think that you can earn cash out of them? Companies all over the world need photographs. They use photos and images in promoting their business in a specific area or even around the world. But they face a serious challenge regarding this matter.

First is that, photographers are outnumbered by the demand of people to photography, which means that there are far more scenes, events, places, and moments to capture than the number of photographers who will capture them.

Second, photographers today are also demanding when it comes to their compensation. They ask great amount of money from their employer to pay off their work, which is actually just enough for their effort.

Third is that, a hired photographer may have a limited scope of photos depending on the area he/she is located. He/she will be capturing images of those things just visible around him. Not unless he/she opted to travel and go to other places, which is a clear additional consumption of budget as well as the effort that will be exerted by both himself/herself and the employer.

And because of this, photography marketplace like Foap, Twenty20, and Dreamstime were born. These three companies offer a great opportunity for photographers, photography enthusiast and even non-photographers around the world to sell their photos online. They are the answer to other companies and brands which need photos to keep their business running.

Foap, Twenty20, and Dreamstime are composed of thousands of photographers coming from any part of the world. They have a marketplace which is filled with millions of high quality photos. And most of all, they offer these pictures with reasonable price.


Foap is a photography marketplace that confidently pledges to turn your photos into dollars. Originally, it is known as an iPhone photography marketplace, but now, its app is foap logoavailable in Google Play. So if you’re an Android user, you will also be able to showcase your great photos online and earn cash out of them. Each photo on Foap costs $10.

They split the money with you. So for every successful sale, you’ll get $5 and you can sell the same photo several times. But if you’re lucky enough and your photo got chosen to a photo mission offered by a specific brand, you can earn from $100 to $1000 depending on the mission’s prize.

Just like the Foaper from India – Vighnesh Shivalkar – who won $1000  in the mission ran by Motorola last April 2015. Some of the popular brands that give photo missions to Foap are the following: MasterCard, Volvo, Sony Entertainment Network, Mango, Axe, Garnier, and many more. If you want to become a Foaper and earn cash from your photos online, you can downlad the Foap app from the App Store or from the Google Play or check out their website.


Twenty20 is another marketplace for photos online that claims to be the world’s largest mobile photography marketplace and a community of the world’s top mobile photographers. Its core product is a social marketplace for you to host, buy, and sell your photos using your mobile devices, specifically iPhone, since Twenty20’s mobile app which is used for uploading pictures to its database is still available in the App Store. But the company is looking forward to an Android version in the future.

As a photo seller in Twenty20, you will have the opportunity to featutwenty20 logore your photos and gain exposure from it, to connect with other photographers and money makers online, and to sell your pictures to different people and companies all over the world. Twenty20 offers four ways of earning cash from your photos.

For single photo licenses,  a photo sells for $10, $20, or $50 depending on the size of the photo purchased. You earn 80% of the sale price for each purchase. Twenty20 has a subscription plan for photo buyers. These sales are in lower revenue per photo, but more frequent than single licenses.

When a buyer picks a subscription plan, you gain 20% commission out of its package’s price. There are also photo challenges where you can showcase your best photo. And if ever your photo has been selected as the winner, you’ll get the full prize for it.

Moreover, because a lot of brands are choosing Twenty20, if in any case a brand wants to work with you, Twenty20 will get in touch and will assist you to get your work done for that brand and to get your commission in full as to what you and the brand agreed upon. If you chose to work with Twenty20, you can download its app from the App Store or visit their website.


Dreamstime, similar with the previous two, is another grdreamstime logoeat photography marketplace. It claims that it is one of the leaders in stock photography and a reliable source of high quality images at affordable prices.

But compared with Foap and Twenty20, Dreamstime is more strict when it comes to approving photos of the contributors. They may not be able to approve your photo and make it available in the market even if you think that it is the best shot for you. Dreamstime looks for high quality photos with well defined commercial concepts, marketable good compositions, and high technical level in details.

The company encourages digital processing and creativity and hates any elements that can distract the viewer from its main subject. Dreamstime accepts even illustrations, as long as it is in high resolution and saved at the highest possible quality. In Dreastime, you must be a skilled photographer, illustrator or editor of images if you want to get high revenue with your pictures.

Whenever your balance reaches $100, you can withdraw your earnings through Paypal, Payoneer (Dreamstime Prepaid MasterCard) or Skrill (MoneyBookers). If you’re ready to build your dreams with Dreamstime, download its app: iOS version or Android version. You can also go to their website and register a free account.

A Picture… Is Worth a Thousand Words

Selling photos online is another great option if you are seeking ways how to earn cash while you are at the comfort of your home. All you need is an iPhone or an Android phone, a camera, an internet connection, and of course your photos that will soon be turned into cash. Indeed, a picture is not just worth a thousand words, but also worth a few dollars.


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