Teodocio “Jun” Igot: From Rags to Riches Story

One great narrative of “from rags to riches story”  is the story of Jun Igot of Lifestyles Philippines. He was a former tricycle driver who became a millionaire and now a millionaire maker just by doing the Lifestyles business opportunity.

The Struggle

Jun Igot came from a poor family in General Santos City. When he was still a child, he was used to eating kamote (sweet potato) as their family’s daily meal. He lost his mother when he was just six years old. It made their life more challenging knowing that he has several siblings to support. This made his father decide to work as a fisherman just to earn a living for the whole family. And they were able to survive because of strong will.

When Jun got married, he was able to own a tricycle to support his family. He went out everyday to drive his three-wheeled vehicle and earn money from his customers. And this made his family eat three time a day. But later on, he realized that driving his tricycle was not enough to support them. It was not the way how he can achieve his dreams in life.

That’s why he searched for other opportunities out there, and he discovered Network Marketing. He tried doing this with a certain company for one year, but he was not successful on it. What’s worse is that he ended up in debt with no earnings and no substantial result that he can use to help his own family. As a result, he became skeptical in Network Marketing.

Looking for other source of income, Jun decided to start a small traditional business selling Tuna Chorizo and Tuna Embotido. While doing this business, he then continued driving his tricycle.

Opportunity Comes Once in a Lifetime

It was only on January 6, 2003 when he was introduced to Intra and the Lifestyles business opportunity. Together with his whole family, he was able to appreciate first the greatness of Lifestyles products. Intra had positive results on his wife and his children.
This was his primary reason why he signed up and joined Lifestyles – to get discount in buying the products for hisfamily’s consumption. So he decided and made up his mind. He was able to join Lifestyles by borrowing money  from 46 of his friends.

But because he was still having doubts in Network Marketing, it was in the later part when he appreciated the compensation plan of Lifestyles and totally absorbed the Lifestyles business opportunity.

Jun Igot is such a dreamer. And combined with his innate hardworking personality, his achievement in Lifestyles was outstanding. He holds the record of being the distributor who reached the top of Lifestyles ladder of success the fastest. He joined Lifestyles January of 2013.

It was May of the same year when he was promoted as National Marketing Director, September as International Marketing Director, and December 2013 when he reached the highest pin level of Lifestyles – as Global Marketing Director. According to him, some people might think that it was pure luck, but he said it was all hard work and determination.

There’s a Rainbow After the Rain

GMD Jun Igot 4After 12 months of seriously doing Lifestyles, the former tricycle driver now owns a number of cars. He also got his dream house built which was a great gift for his family. His two sons are both studying in prestigious private schools.

His whole family enjoys travelling and taking vacation together within the islands of the Philippines and to several countries abroad. And one thing that fills Jun with so much pride is sharing his own success story to a large crowd during the big events of Lifestyles.

“I have no formal education, and was a tricycle driver struggling to make ends meet. Now, as a Lifestyles Global Marketing Director, I have financial freedom, good health, and the ability to give my family the all the best.”        – Teodocio “Jun” Igot Jr.

(This post is a reecho of the article published in Lifestyles PH newsprint.)


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