How to Make Money with Lifestyles (PH)

The first time I saw Lifestyles business opportunity, during that day, I decided that I will embrace its system and do the business it offers in order for me to achieve my dreams and the dreams of my family and loved ones.

I consider Lifestyles as a blessing that’s why I share it to anyone whom I think is deserving to prosper in his/her life. This is according to a Chinese proverb that says when you receive a gift of great value, it is your obligation to share that gift many times over.

Lifestyles is a gift for me so I am sharing its greatness to the world. With INTRA, NUTRIA and FIBRELIFE, anyone, including you, can be successful here in Lifestyles, because of these amazing products that stood the test of time. When the product is good, the business is done. But for many, the question goes like this: “How do you make money with Lifestyles?”

How to Start?

Let’s begin by looking at the prices of the products. Here are the individual costs of each of them: INTRA = Php 1,800; NUTRIA = Php 1,500; FIBRELIFE = Php 1,500. One BTK (Better Together Kit) contains two bottles of Intra, one Nutria and one Fibrelife – so a BTK costs Php 6600. For you to start in this business and become a direct distributor in Lifestyles, you need to make a wholesale of these products. You may either buy the Instant or the Express package.

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If you are going to analyze a bit, the difference between these two packages, the INSTANT package seems to be the better option when it comes to the return of investment. The Instant package will have an ROI of 54% against the the 28% ROI of Express package. But whatever package you choose, you’ll get the following benefits:

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Ways to Earn

In Lifestyles, you are given the chance to franchise at a very low start-up cost but with unlimited income potential. You can maximize your earnings in this company through the power of building a network with these company’s 5 ways of earning.

Retail Profit. Buy products from Lifestyles at a 20% – 40% discount and make a retail profit from your customers. For example, a bottle of Intra costs Php 1,800, but as a Distributor, you can purchase it for Php 1,080 only. Therefore, for every bottle, you got a profit of Php 720 – way too high compared to the basic daily salary of an ordinary employee.

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Wholesale Profit. For every package that comes into your organization, receive the profit difference of up to 20% between your discount and that of your personal Distributors. To make it easier to understand, receive a commission of Php 16,335 for each of your direct sponsors that gets Instant package, and Php 14,000 for every Express package.

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Fast Track Bonus. Receive a 4% bonus on all your new Distributors personal purchases during their first two months.

Generation Bonus. Receive a bonus of up to 6% on all of the volume sold by each of your Distributors’ downlines in your organization up to 6 generations. The company shall pay you Php 4,670 for every new downline who gets the Instant package and joins your Distributor, or Php 2,335 for each new downline who gets the Express package and joins your Distributor.

Organizational Bonus. When the time comes that you achieve the National Marketing Director pin level and above, receive a bonus of up to 3% based on your entire organization’s volume.

And these are the ways how you can make money with Lifestyles

The Best Opportunity

Lifestyles for me is the best business in the world. It’s compensation plan is designed to pay you for your efforts. Whether you plan to do this part-time or full-time, if you treat this business professionally, it will also pay you professionally – more than your expectations. The Lifestyles success system is simply based on people helping people to succeed in life and live better every day. Thus, the more your network grows, the more money you’ll be able to earn. Success then becomes one step closer ahead.


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