The Lifestyles Company

The Founder

Lifestyles was founded by Chairman and CEO David DeBora. David is a man of dreams. Before having his own company, he worked hard in a real estate and construction firm to support his family. And during that time, he already achieved financial freedom. In short, he became extremely successful.

However, not long after he was living his dream with his family, his wife died of breast cancer. This tragedy left David and his young children devastated affecting his job and lifestyle. He was down at one point in his life, but he did not give up.

It was during this time when one of his friends introduced him to a Network Marketing company. He worked hard for it same way he did it in his previous jobs. And because of the innate skills and the heart of a businessman, he has lifted up his life once again.

Doing Network Marketing within a year, David became the company’s number one distributor in Canada! By achieving this status, he then realized the amazing potential of Network Marketing – how it can change a life of an ordinary person.

As a result, instead of continuing with the opportunity his friend has shared with him, his focus was turned into creating his own Network Marketing company. And this is when Lifestyles was born – David built the company in November of 1989. (

The Mission

“To provide health and wellness solutions to help people live better everyday.”

This is Lifestyles’ mission. When Chairman David DeBora established the company way back in 1989, he anchored this mission to the mission of an ordinary individual which is being man and woman for others. In short, helping other people by all means.

That is why, it is easy to be actualized because we were not born on this planet just for ourselves alone. We have this ultimate goal in life of sharing to others what we have. And this is actually the key to success in doing this great opportunity.

Lifestyles in Wellness Industry

According to a known trend forecaster in US, in the name of Paul Zane Pilzer, the  ‘internet’ will be a trillion dollar industry by the year 2000. And it happened. Right now, internet cafes are can be found everywhere. Moreover, even in the mobile phones we carry everyday, accessing the internet is a piece of cake. But here’s another forecast that Paul has said:

“The next big thing is wellness industry… By the year 2010, an additional $1 trillion of the economy will be devoted to products and services that keep us healthy, make us look or feel better, slow down the effects of aging, and prevent diseases from developing altogether.”     – The Wellness Revolution by Paul Zane Pilzer

As of today, this statement by Paul is really manifesting within our society. Many drug stores were built, spas and gyms had emerged, food supplements were introduced, even fake doctors had appeared. This means that his prediction is true. Wellness industry is building its name within our backyards. And this is where Lifestyles comes in. It’s products are just at the right time for this trend.

intra nutria fibrelife
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Providing pure, sanitized and safe food supplements, Lifestyles is one those companies with a huge name in the wellness industry.

Its products: Intra (the cleaner), Nutria (the fixer) and FibreLife (the protector); passed a number of tests and standards – from planting the herbs, fruits and vegetables, which are the main ingredients of the product, until the time it’s manufactured and distributed to distributors all over the world.

The company has its own Live Better Everyday Institute where it is staffed by an experienced team of doctors, scientists and home-based business experts from top research centers and learning facilities around the world. And it also passed these standards: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) as well as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

It is also Kosher Rated and Halal Certified. Here in the Philippines, it is approved by BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs). Intra for instance is already 23 years in the market (since 1992), and although it’s not a medicine rather a food supplement, it already helped and healed thousands  of users globally – from a simple colds to a stage 4 cancer. So there is no reason for worrying because these products are the best in the world!

Lifestyles as a Network Marketing Company

“Network Marketing gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their own income-generating asset and acquire great wealth.”

This is what Robert Kiyosaki has to say about Network Marketing. Robert is an American investor, businessman, motivational speaker, author, financial literacy activist, financial commentator and radio personality (from In the world of Network Marketing, he is a superstar!

That’s why he also had best-selling books like the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “The Cashflow Quadrant.” In these books, Robert simply wanted to say that being a businessman or an investor is far more better than being an employee. And one way of being a businessman and an investor is engaging oneself in Network Marketing.

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Here are some facts about Network Marketing which makes it a big thing today:

  • It operates like a franchise without the high cost.
  • It is a multi-billion dollar industry experiencing success for almost 50 years.
  • It is used by some Fortune 500 companies.
  • It has a low start-up cost with unlimited income potential.
  • It is the fastest and most economical way to move products.
  • It offers time and people leveraging.
  • It is taught in business schools.
  • It is the next major profession

These facts are transparent within the Lifestyles opportunity. Anyone can begin the business with Lifestyles with a low start-up cost compared to some known franchising companies. Yes, a very low start-up cost but the income is unlimited and might exceed the income that real franchising businesses promise.

Products are all the way from Canada but it is easily distributed to over 40 countries now. Moreover, it offers time freedom as well as financial freedom because it can assure people leveraging wherever an individual is. People leveraging is the ability to take advantage of the tools that a company is offering wherever a distributor lives.

Since Lifestyles is a global business, a distributor in the United States can still earn his/her millions because he/she has a huge organization or network left here in the Philippines. Just look at how Peng Mendoza did this. She is currently the highest income earner of Lifestyles globally. She is a Filipina earning 4 to 5 Million Pesos every month doing this business. That is how Network Marketing works, and this is how Lifestyles Company goes.

Lifestyles to ones lifestyle

However, even if a company is so much enticing, even if it can promise a lot to anyone, at the end of the day, it is still depends on the person’s decision to grab the opportunity or not whether that opportunity comes once in a lifetime. In short, life is a choice. Nonetheless, whatever that decision could be, Lifestyles is designed by David DeBora to help anyone live better everyday. So a business minded person who decides to do the Lifestyles opportunity will not regeret. As Robert Kiyosaki said:

“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.”


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