Peng Mendoza: Lifestyles’ Highest Global Income Earner 2014 and 2015

Ofelia “Peng” Mendoza is an ordinary person with a normal life before, but with an extraordinary life today. Her parents owned a big sari-sari store and made a living from it way back in the 1990’s. Their dream was for Peng to receive an education that they never had. So time came when Peng went to college and took architecture as her first course.

But in her second year, she dropped out and then took a Computer Programming Course at STI and later worked as a Programmer in Greenhills. In 1992, she went to Belgium to work in various part time jobs, but returned to Philippines in 1993 because she realized that life in a foreign country was not for her.

Peng was introduced to Lifestyles products by a relative and just to get him off back, she bought four bottles of Intra without asking for the price. She began using the products and noticed that her ulcers were getting better. Her sister, who was a doctor, has been trying to get pregnant for several years started to take Intra and later got pregnant with her first child, her nephew, who today continues to take Intra without any other vitamins.

As a family, they were buying Intra together to get the product discount. Then she decided to sign up her mother in May 1999. But she did not sign up herself yet because she thought that she was too young to be in the business selling herbs.

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Later on, she took note of her cousin, whom she was buying Intra from, had improved his lifestyle. He bought a Pajero and received a Php300,000 check from Lifestyles. So in November 1999, after six months of using the products, she had made up her mind and finally signed up and committed a full time job to do the Lifestyles business. She purchased an Instant Direct package by borrowing from two credit cards to use as a mode of payment. When she received the ten cases of Intra, she was momentarily fearful that she would not be able to do the business and lose the money she borrowed. However, she had big dreams, so she continued to be determined to achieve a monthly income of Php500,000 not knowing that she would eventually become one of the company’s highest global income earner later on.

She pursued her dreams and never looked back. She became teachable and followed her uplines. She worked hard for it, but she was not alone. She was with her mentors together with her organization. And so, in June 2001, after 18 months of doing the business, after all the hard works; trials; and challenges, Peng Mendoza became the first woman Global Marketing Director in the Philippines.

“It never ceases to amaze me how far I have become… how my life has changed… how the lives of people I love has changed. I can live in the kind of home that I want, travel wherever and whenever I want to, and buy whatever I want.”

As a kid, Peng Mendoza was fascinated with women driving and wanted to be like them, independent, driving her own car. After one year in the Lifestyles business, she bought her first car – a Silver Toyota Rav4. The first Christmas after she achieved the Global Marketing Director status, she bought her parents a brand new van – a Super Grandia. Doing the Lifestyles business, she was able to buy four cars.

She also bought several properties: one in Punta Fuego, West Grove Ayala, Royal Palm Condos & the Villamor compound – former residence of the Revilla family. She has also traveled  to several countries within Asia, Europe and North America, not only once but several times.

“The opportunity presented itself to me and I grabbed it. It was pure determination to succeed and that enabled me to achieve my dreams. One must have the hunger and passion to do this business.”

In March 2012, she was recognized to receive the most prestigious award from Lifestyles – “The Founder’s Award” – which is presented to an individual Distributor who truly exemplifies the Lifestyles mission by setting an example through consistent action and dedication to the Lifestyles family around the globe.

“Lifestyles has not only brought joy into my life, but also passion and purpose.”

She wishes that other people can also change their lives the same way Lifestyles  made it possible to her. That’s why every time she sees the look of hope in the eyes of the  new distributors, she remembers how her life was before Lifestyles helped her changed it.

“For those of you who have the opportunity and the ability that goes beyond providing for your own benefit, you also have a duty and responsibility to share the opportunity and to reach out and help other people up.”

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Peng also cared for other people, especially for the children. That’s why in 2009, she was also the recipient of the Humanitarian Award , recognizing her for both dedication to the Lifestyles Business Opportunity as well as her generosity within her community. This award is given to a distributor who is successful in his/her Lifestyles Business and dedicated to improving the lives of those less fortunate.

“I believe that we are all born to take care of each other.”

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Until now, Peng continues what she has done from the time she committed herself to Lifestyles – dreaming not just for herself but for others as well, sharing the opportunity to the world, and inspiring/helping other people reach their dreams also.

So in the opening quarter of the year 2014, she got the Highest Global Income Earner Award, earning about 5 million pesos in one month! This award is presented to a distributor in recognition of having achieved the highest level of income from the Lifestyles opportunity globally in one year.

Peng Mendoza is perhaps the most successful distributor of Lifestyles today. But one of her advocacy is for everyone to succeed as well in this business. She said that she will continue to share the Lifestyles opportunity to others as long as she can. She even planned that she would like to have a minimum of 20 Global Marketing Directors in her organization. And so, her advice to all the Lifestyles distributors who also want to achieve their dreams…

“Always stay positive regardless of what happens. Be teachable and always pray for guidance and strength. Believe with all your heart that you can succeed with Lifestyles, and you will!” 

(This post is a reecho of the article published in Lifestyles PH newsprint as well as the flyer printed for GMD Peng Mendoza when she was awarded the Humanitarian Award in 2009.)


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